Improper sexual behavior has recently caused a cascade of prominent figures to fall. In Hollywood, Weinstein, Spacey, and CK Louis were fired. In the media, Halperin and Thrush were fired for improper sexual behavior. Even titans of television, Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer, have been terminated because of improper sexual acts. On the political front, Congressman John Conyers and Senator Al Franken were accused of improper sexual behavior.

Conyers retired, and the word on the street is that Al Franken will resign tomorrow.The Left, Hollywood, and the media tell us they are taking the moral high ground and cleaning house, but are they?

Far from taking the moral high ground, it’s clear that these problems in Hollywood, the media, and congress have been condoned and sheltered for decades (sometimes using taxpayer money to settle claims). Very likely, the only reason the these issues are being shown the light of day now is because it’s politically necessary: the Left needed a weapon.

The leadership of NBC was aware of a sexually charged environment that dated back to when a “Sexcapade themed Roast” was held in honor of Matt Lauer back in 2008, NBC’s leadership was present. Why did NBC wait until 2017 to fix a known culture issue and fire a problem employee?

Well, today neither Matt Lauer nor the Today Show are as popular as they used to be. The Today Show has never recovered from its heyday when Curry and Lauer ruled the morning airwaves. Before his firing, Lauer was paid a spectacular $25 million dollars per year, money that NBC will now very likely repurpose for other shows. Charlie Rose was 75 years old, making $2.5 million a year – past retirement age. Both Lauer, 59, and Rose, 75, walk away with tens of millions of dollars.

In Hollywood, stories of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual behavior circulated for a decade and plenty of evidence exists that the media was complicit in covering up or looking the other way on his activities. Harvey Weinstein is 65 and his net worth is estimated at $300 million. Kevin Spacey is 58 and has a net worth of about $100 million. Despite the legal problems that might arise from the accusations, these people are actually retiring to a lifestyle that very few Americans can even imagine.

On the political front, Conyers had settled sexual abuse allegations from a congressional slush fund in the past. Why was he not forced to resign back then? The resignation (retiring) of John Conyers seems like a significant loss for the democrats until we see that he’s 88 years old and represents Michigan’s 13th district, which has been democratic since 1984, a district that Hillary Clinton carried 79% to 18%. The district will likely remain democratic.

Al Franken had a long history of crass & lurid acts towards women, many of those documented in video and pictures. Why was Franken even elected into office if the democrats hold the moral high ground? In Minnesota, Franken won the 2014 election with 53.2% to the republican’s 42.9%.

The vacancies for Conyers and Franken (likely) will trigger special elections where the parties will raise millions from the people. The parties will funnel those monies to the pockets of the mainstream media companies, in advertising – monies that will be used to fund the lifestyles of media elites.

The day after Al Franken resigns, democrats, the Left, and Hollywood will begin to highlight that they have cleaned house and that it’s past time for the republicans to do the same with Roy Moore and Donald Trump.

Unless, Franken is not the last domino…Kihuen?

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