In what has become a sad, cynical ritual in America, a crazy person has committed a mass murder using several firearms, and the Left is in a frenzy to point fingers at public policy makers who have ignored the need for an overhaul to our mental health system.

Wait, no, that’s not who they’re blaming at all. They’re blaming the guns, and Trump supporters.

Seemingly before the shots were done ringing out, they were tripping all over themselves to indict the NRA, lawful gun owners, and President Trump. They couldn’t contain themselves, however. Many were so out of control that they advocated that Trump supporters be victimized in the same manner as the concert goers in Las Vegas.

Media Equalizer reported yesterday on the CNN reporter who made it all about Trump supporters being country music fans, and the CBS News executive who was fired for saying that the victims got what they deserved.

These were not outlier statements. Social media quickly filled with vile, hateful calls for the deaths of Trump voters.

On a post on Ezra Klein’s Facebook page, a user posted this comment:

The sooner one of these mass shootings happens at a Trump trash rally, maybe then something will change in this country. Or maybe not, you gun humps don’t even care about your own, you’re so disgusting.

That same person sent out this tweet:

Another user tweeted that they were happy the victims were country music fans, and likely Trump supporters:

Not to be outdone, other classy members of the resistance participated in the blood orgy:

In a time of unspeakable and indescribable tragedy, we should be called upon to express our deepest sense of humanity and goodwill towards one another. We are all Americans. We should treat each other with dignity and grace. Instead, we have become a society that cynically exploits tragedy to foster a culture of, “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.” We can’t even come together and mourn without being asked what side of the gun control debate we happen to be on.

Then again, when national Democratic leaders are intent on not letting a crisis go to waste, it figures that many will follow their lead.

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