Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro is coming to UC Berkely for a speech next Thursday, so of course the campus is planning to have counselors on hand and “increased and highly visible police presence.”

In an interview with Newsweek, a campus spokesman said that these types of speakers often try to cause “discomfort and concern”:

Mogulof says there were no reports of Shapiro saying anything that would lead anyone on campus to fear for their safety, but also noted there are speakers who seem to intentionally lean toward “provocative rhetoric” to intentially induce “discomfort and concern.”

Let’s remember that Ben Shapiro is no polemicist, nor is he a white supremacist in the mold of Richard Spencer. Shapiro is a conservative talk show host, writer and speaker. He has outspokenly opposed the alt-right and his former employer, Steve Bannon. He routinely speaks to college Republican groups on subjects such as national security, immigration, support for Israel in the face of boycotts by BDS, campus transgender policies, and, of course, free speech on college campuses that challenges the leftist orthodoxy.

Shapiro testified before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on July 27 on the resistance to his freedom of speech on college campuses:

Of course, the ultra liberal college is claiming that the enhanced services are being put in place both for students who feel threatened by Shapiro’s unapologetic logic and conservative viewpoints, as well as conservative students who may be threatened by leftist violence. They have good reason to be afraid of violent leftists backlash. After all, when Milo Yiannopoulos and Ann Coulter threatened to commit free speech on campus, all hell broke loose and their speeches were ultimately canceled.

The college is planning to close several buildings around the event center for the entire day, and severely limit parking.

You can tell from the security memo just how uncomfortable they are allowing all this (conservative) free speech. Note that they have difficulty balancing their commitment to free speech with their commitment to a community without fear:

Our commitment to free speech, as well as to the law, mandates that the students who invited Shapiro be able to host their event for those who wish to hear him speak. Our commitment to the principles of community mandates that all students, faculty and staff be able to be present on campus, engaging in their regular academic activities without fear. Achieving this poses unusual challenges for us; this memo lays out the arrangements that we are putting in place.

The arrangements include setting a perimeter with very limited access points to the event venue, and strict limitations on who can obtain tickets to the event.

The only thing Berkeley administrators forgot to provide to these snowflakes is blankies and hot cocoa to comfort them through these difficult times.