Still think voter fraud is “fake news”?

Six people in Boston are under arrest after a federal investigation uncovered a scheme by state Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) workers to sell documents to illegal aliens so they could obtain passports, drivers licenses and IDs, then register to vote.

The US Attorney’s office in Massachusetts announced the arrests last week:

Six individuals, including four RMV clerks, were arrested today in connection with a scheme to produce false identification documents through the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. Some of the false identities and addresses were used to fraudulently register to vote in the City of Boston.

Evelyn Medina, 56, of Boston; Annette Gracia, 37, of Boston; Kimberly Jordan, 33, of Randolph; David Brimage, 46, of Boston; Bivian Yohanny Brea, 41, of Boston; and John Doe, a/k/a Flako, a/k/a Miguel, a/k/a Pablo D. Gonzalez Lopez, a/k/a Rafael R. Bonano, 32, whose identity and nationality has yet to be determined, were charged today in federal court in Boston with aggravated identity theft. The defendants are expected to appear in federal court this afternoon.


The Department of Justice began investigating after they received an anonymous tip. Flako allegedly was the document dealer, who would sell Puerto Rican birth certificates and US Social Security Numbers for $900 to Brea, who acted as the vendor.

Brea would then sell the stolen ID package to illegal aliens looking to establish identities. The DOJ says that the clients included many individuals who had been deported previously and at least one person who was facing drug charges.

These clients would then visit the Haymarket RMV office in Boston, where the four workers were waiting to handle their applications. According to the complaint, they accepted cash payments to issue authentic Massachusetts ID cards and drivers licenses to their clients.

The four workers were also found to have accepted payments to run inquiries in the RMV system to verify the validity of the stolen SSNs.

This is a significant break, as Judicial Watch has been reporting for over a year that there has been a spike in illegal aliens using fake Puerto Rican birth certificates to obtain US identities.

As JW notes, even though Puerto Rican citizens are not allowed to vote in American elections, “The U.S. government and its various agencies accept Puerto Rican birth certificates blindly even though fraud involving the easily forged documents has been pervasive for years.”

With the illegally obtained US Social Security Numbers, combined with the Puerto Rican birth certificates, an untold number of illegal aliens were able to register to vote. Judicial Watch states that they are further investigating how many people were allowed to fraudulently register to vote in its Election Integrity Project.

The anonymous tip was received almost two years ago, and it remains unclear how long the illicit scheme operated prior to the federal investigation.

So far, the feds have yet to say how large the operation was. Unsurprisingly, the media remains silent on yet another case that could indicate a large voter fraud scheme.