Right out of their playbook, Media Matters has sadly claimed another opposition “scalp”, that of token CNN conservative Jeffrey Lord.

Yesterday, Lord was removed as a network contributor after Angelo Carusone, president of Media Matters for America (MMFA), tweeted a complaint to them. What started out as a typical Twitter kerfuffle quickly turned into Media Matters taking another trophy.

Lord has been vocal in his criticism of MMFA and Carusone, referring to their anti-free speech efforts as fascist. So when Carusone nit-picked about a typo in Lord’s column at American Spectator, Lord responded by mocking him:

Now, it should be obvious that Lord was mocking Carusone’s heavy-handed tactics in shutting down conservative pundits as fascist, not actually saluting Adolf Hitler.

Indeed, in the original column at American Spectator, Lord criticized what he described as fascist tactics.

In the Dump Trump world, however, none of that matters.

Carusone cried … err … tweeted to CNN and it responded by firing Lord.

Again, for Carusone to refer to Lord’s tweet as “issuing (in serious and non-ironic way) nazi victory salute” is patently absurd.

As Seth Mandel put it on Twitter, “Half of twitter is ppl calling each other Nazis”:

Carusone and MMFA have been conducting a public pressure campaign against the sponsors of the Sean Hannity Show on Fox News, hoping to get Hannity removed from the airwaves.

This is a move straight out of their no longer confidential playbook, in which they announce, “We will be vigilant in holding news media accountable for even the slightest bit of normalization of Trump.”

This includes any conservative voice that comes into their cross hairs and Lord was made a target for his vocal support of Hannity.

Carusone, whose name isn’t the easiest to spell, has a history of being petty and pitching fits on Twitter when his name is misspelled in articles. A common tactic is to claim a lack of credibility of an author over minor typographical errors.

So, conservatives, know that you are being actively targeted by the left and the likes of Angelo Carusone.

And be warned – you’d better learn to spell his name correctly.


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