The global elite: They don’t mince words.

in an undercover clip filmed by Project Veritas, CNN “New Day” associate producer Jimmy Carr was caught on hidden video saying that President Trump is a “clown” and that “American voters are stupid as sh*t”.

While Carr would not have the courage to make those admissions in public on the other side of the pond, at least the global elite are honest about their feelings.

Wednesday, for example, German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble told an audience in Berlin “I hope that the rest of Europe will do so well that the British realize at some point that they made a mistake.”

Ah yes, those stupid, deplorable, bitter-clingers, who just can’t seem to vote correctly. What shall we do with them?

The UK’s leftist newspaper The Guardian builds on Schaeuble’s hope, but EU ambassadors they’ve interviewed admit that the “mistake” probably can’t be reversed, writing that “ambassadors from larger EU states have started to review whether the UK will reverse its Brexit decision in light of the election result, despite many concluding no foreseeable political scenario exists for abandoning it.”

We’ve seen this act many times before in The Netherlands, Ireland and Denmark where voters have said one thing at the polls and the global elites have then generously given them another opportunity to vote again and this time, correctly.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, late last year, suggested this saying that if he and people like him who voted remain don’t like the direction of the Brexit talks, then “there’s got to be some way, either through Parliament, or an election, or possibly through another referendum, in which people express their view.”

Yes, give the voters another chance to get it “right”.

This is nothing more than unbridled hubris. If the global elite have already made up their minds for the rest of us, then what’s the point of voting?


Jason Miko is currently a senior public relations executive in Tucson, Arizona, who has worked in various capacities in many of the countries of Southeastern Europe since 1992.  He lived and worked in Macedonia from 1996 to 2003 as well as much of the aughts, working in humanitarian development and assistance, economic development, and other areas.