In the unlikely event you missed it, Oprah gave a speech, got an award and caused a stir at the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony on Sunday.

Next to Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace prize, Oprah’s receipt of the Cecil B. Demille award last Sunday may be the gold in what is starting to seem like the world hypocrisy Olympics. Western cultural institutions appear to be draining gravitas faster than water off of the continental ice sheet.

Despite amazing things happening the topics of sexual deviancy, rape and racism are fixed within our news cycle and not in a way that is constructive for change.

Despite being filled with professional fakes, Hollywood has lost its ability to mask its basic function as a portal to hell. This year’s attendees all wore black and many invited Antifa members as dates. The aesthetic was dark, to say the least.

By early in the evening of Sunday January 7, Two conflicting hashtags quickly blew up on twitter and facebook, those of #oprah2020 and #oprahknew.

What has now transpired is a very active conversation about whether a woman who has been linked to harassment and rape culture for years should run for president and whether or not they think she could do it.

Let me just put my face in my palm for a second. … ok. I’m back.

A Diversion?

This has got to be a diversion. So many better things to talk about have have taken place during this hoopla, but instead, we got #oprah2020.

Despite all the uproar about Oprah, Roger Stone has confirmed from his sources that the official unannounced pick is Michelle Obama. Trump’s response to whether or not she would run was almost comically non-chalant. He mentioned that if she ran, it would be “fun”. He didn’t seem concerned and he then indicated that he “hears that she is not going to do it”.

It should also be stated that although there is major hubub about an Oprah run in 2020 she has never announced it and made no mention of it at the Golden Globes. It almost seems as if the media might be spurring her on.

Ben Shapiro lists no less than 20 news outlets that posted stories about her “possible run”. Wait a minute, are these news organizations?

NBC betrayed their inherent bias to the public by calling her “our next president” in an official tweet.

Ivanka Trump praised the speech calling it “empowering,”

Reese Whitterspoon marked Oprah’s speech as a marking point upon which to divide all time.

There are a lot of arguments as to why it would be impossible for Oprah to get anywhere near the presidency in 2020 but then there are also few things to consider that make one say “never say never.”

Let’s start with:


-Having associated with Harvey Weinstein for decades, she has been photographed multiple times and documented up and down Hollywood enabling him and others in trading sexual acts and dates for career moves. How is she going to explain that?

-Despite preaching that the most important thing any woman can do is “speak her truth,” Oprah said nothing for decades about any of the bad things that were going on. She has even been quoted as saying “It’s just what people have to do in this business.”

-Oprah has never disavowed Harvey Weinstein for any things he has done. Still, she spoke about all the things women have had to do living in a “culture broken by brutally powerful men.” But she appears to be somebody who benefited quite well from those types of people. Despite not being a man, She appears to be one of the brutally powerful in her own right.

-Oprah’s own school in Johannesburg has had more than one of its own sexual abuse scandals showing that she can’t even seem to get away from the topic within her own organizations. That does not bode well for the idea of an Oprah led white house.

More Hypocrisy in General

-There’s nothing brave about a speech made to a vetted crowd full of devoted followers. One of the most interesting aspects of this year’s Golden Globes is the list of people who weren’t invited. Many of the uninvited happen to be some of the more outspoken accusers of Harvey Weinstein.

-Is Sexual harassment the only thing wrong with Hollywood? No. There is also child molestation and Human trafficking. Maybe we will cover that next year when Corey Feldman gets his break. Oh wait, he’s a man. Never mind.  Men aren’t important.

-Oprah credits the Hollywood Foreign Press Association with having an “insatiable dedication to uncovering the truth” despite being “under siege”. They had decades to do one story on anything out of line in Hollywood but never did. Some sources also show the lengths the Hollywood press association went to to squash stories. It definitely wasn’t them that broke the information about Harvey Weinstein or Kevin spacey or Corey Feldman and on and on and on. They have done zilch.

-Since we are taking this discussion into the realm of presidential politics we are going to have to figure out how Oprah will get around 20 plus years of documented complicity with evil when they slammed trump for one off-color Access Hollywood tape. She better have some really good alibis. She doesn’t.

-As if Calling out “brutal White Men” in her speech or being quoted as saying “whole generations have to die” on BBC wasn’t chilling enough. Her speech lost me in another deeper way.

What is the real story, Oprah?

She talks of telling the truth. She says that truth to power is the most important thing anybody can do. So why did her speech read like a laundry list? What has really been going on in her head for twenty years dealing with Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, The Clintons, The Obamas and who knows who else? Why was she silent so long? She is the insider. She lived to tell the tale so why dance around the subject? If she doesn’t get authentic about this I doubt she has a chance.

Identity Politics Cheapen Everything

If Michelle Obama really is the DNC pick for 2020 then the picture is no better for the Dems. The choice of these two black women for candidates as well as the tone of Oprah’s speech says that Democrats haven’t changed their messaging. They are rolling out their tired disastrous identity politics and doubling down on previous failure.

Hillary’s only selling point was her gender and it failed. So their answer to that is to try race AND gender. Nobody told the management that doing the same thing over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. The same devisive hate mongering that lost them everything seems to be all they have.

There are plenty of amazing candidates and strong accomplished women of color that they could choose. Rather than pick a real person who would elevate women and elevate black people to prominence, we already see two candidates who have only one tool in their toolbag. That is a massive wasted opportunity for real meaningful progress.

Democratic candidates have done race relations a disservice in America. Instead of Obama, the first black president should have been a conservative. Having the Democratic identity politics agenda attached to the president made race into an issue whereas the purpose of Barack Obama was supposed to show that race no longer was one. In true Democrat style they took one of the greatest opportunities in history and screwed it up royally. They took the national conversation in the opposite direction of where it was supposed to go.

Oprah is repeating the same mistake by shutting the door on real talk about sexual harassment and child trafficking in Hollywood. She’s saying its a “new day” but really she is saying that she wants to take control of the conversation. The collective catharsis we all started to take part in when these stories finally started coming to light will get thrown into a three ring circus if politicians like Oprah and Michelle Obama get to have their way with it.

Good Enough Might Get you There but We Should do Better

Let’s hope for the dems that if it is Michelle running, she at least has a better set of speech writers. Oprah’s speech was flat in tone and mechanical. She’s not a great actress. She came into it from talk TV and her emotional affectations seemed to always come at the periods of her sentences. She tears up at exactly the right moments in a way that is just plain fake. I’m not feeling it with her.  She couldn’t hold a candle to almost any sunday preacher across America.  She comes across as phony and condescending.

It is only her ability to commandeer familiar contexts that gives her any power. How would her fake gutteral utterances go down if she was talking to you in person?  can she work a room the way she works a microphone?  this is the exact thing that destroyed Hillary Clinton. Here it is again.

She’s anything but great, but highly skilled at being just “good enough”. She reigned over the entertainment business in an era when music went from Progressive Rock to Justin Bieber. Movies went from Kubrick-style head expanders to cookie cutter computer cartoons and super hero franchises. In this era, content only has to do as well as the drek it competes against.

Maybe she knows the secret cynical sauce to cracking open America. I have to give her credit. She really got the news cycle going. I have to thank her personally for a ton of traffic that came my way. She definitely has one of the largest and fastest moving sets of coattails in the media. In certain ways, She also happens to be strangely one of the most similar presidential candidates that one could conceive of to the maverick Trump himself. Independently successful, not a career politician, Masterful with media, liked and disliked equally, she is known by everyone. Trump even considered her as a running mate in 1999.

Where are the Issues?

Well, If this smut is what we are doomed to be dragged through over the next 6 years I can only hope some real stories come out of it. I know for one thing, tabloid level garbage won’t get my vote. I have a feeling it won’t get America’s either. Trump gave us a taste for the authentic in 2016 and from what I know that is the real winning formula. Let’s hope it lasts.