Authentic and Inspiring, Everybody loves the Heroes of “15:17 to Paris”

Three great guys and their new movie have been getting a lot of press this week and it is a good thing.

For patriots or anybody sick of Hollywood crap, there is a movie opening this Friday that will not disappoint. When Hollywood reveals itself to be a cesspool of the absolute worst of humanity, efforts like this are a breath of fresh air. The movie titled “The 15:17 to Paris” is directed by Clint Eastwood.

True life heroes, Spencer Stone, Alek Skarlatos, and Anthony Sadler are cast as themselves in a film depicting the events around a train attack in France in 2015.

This movie is sure to inspire young people to stay ready and live in service. Their readiness could be tested at any moment as it did for these three American friends.

Lifelong friends and military vets, the three were put to the test when a man opened fire with an assault rifle on a crowded train. In a split second when the rifle became jammed, the guys rushed him and brought him down without hesitation.

Eastwood has a penchant for depicting American heroes. His choice to feature the real guys as themselves was a gutsy move that was not favored by the movie studios. Eastwood also featured real life police, nurses and first responders from the event. The movie is a working tribute to everyday heroes who had the skills and the attitude to face disaster when the time came.

The three heroes had great things to say about the film.

“Mr. Eastwood did not want to ‘Hollywood’ it up or add movie magic to it. He thought the story was good enough on its own,” Sadler said in an interview with fox 5 in San Diego.

“We are life-long friends so we have this dynamic that’s interesting and comes out in the film,” Sadler said.

“There’s a habit of calling everybody heroes. But these guys are the real deal. “

said Clint Eastwood in an interview with the Today show.

Casting real life heroes from the attack in the movie was an innovative move by the veteran director.

“They knew all the lines and knew all the parts.” – Eastwood

“It was like we had spent our whole life preparing for it without even knowing it.” – Skarlatos

The 15:17 to Paris hits theaters this week.

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