Fort Lauderdale survivor shielded by selfless hero

Imagine finding yourself in the middle of an airport shooting spree, bracing for the worst, only to have a complete stranger offer his life to save yours. Read all »

CNN accused of altering Ft. Lauderdale terror suspect’s photo

Did CNN intentionally alter a photo of Fort Lauderdale terror suspect Esteban Santiago?

As social media users compare the original image with one used by the cable news outlet, that’s the allegation being made tonight. Read all »

Terror suspect’s dad says he tried to warn police

Did police or federal authorities have years of advance warning that New York City terror suspect Ahmad Rahami was a threat to public safety? Read all »

Chelsea blast: Governor admits it was ‘an act of terror’

After an earlier reluctance, elected officials are beginning to admit that last night’s bomb attack in New York City was an act of terror. Read all »

DC Metro cop busted for ISIS support: What was he doing?

How did a DC Metro cop with the decidedly un-Islamic name of Nicholas Young end up busted for supporting ISIS?

Investigators say he had been under surveillance since at least 2010 and is believed to have provided material support for terrorists, including the purchase of gift cards to be sent overseas. These are later utilized by ISIS for use in recruiting potential combatants and supporters. Read all »

Could Mateen’s wife face the death penalty?

Depending on what she tells the FBI, Omar Mateen’s wife may find her life on the line.

That’s the contention of Judge Andrew Napolitano, who told Fox Business Channel this morning that since it’s already clear she knew of the attack plot in advance, Noor Salman might potentially face the death penalty. Read all »

Facebook: Meg Ryan, Judy Jetson more important than Orlando

One month after alleged bias in the selection of news topics for its “Trending” feature created a national controversy, Facebook’s results appear as bizarre as ever. Has anything been fixed?

And just one day after the biggest terror incident on American soil since 9/11, the Orlando atrocity is almost nowhere to be found on the social media network’s top ten list. Read all »

Do Americans really believe the ‘gun lobby’ caused the Orlando massacre?

Can Americans really be convinced Saturday’s Orlando massacre was caused not by ISIS extremism, but the “gun lobby” and other assorted domestic scapegoats? Read all »

Orlando: News anchors, activists waste no time on gun control push

Even before the victims have been identified in the terror attack that killed at least 50 at a busy Orlando nightclub, some are injecting partisan politics into the story.

It’s not just the usual Twitter provocateurs reacting this way, but major media personalities and celebrities. Read all »

Arabic signs added at Toronto’s airport for Syrian refugees

For a wave of arriving Syrian refugees, the Canadian government is bending over backwards today, even printing airport signs in Arabic. In addition, it has built a makeshift reception and processing area at Pearson Airport.

But as Toronto’s Newstalk 1010 found, the Trudeau Administration’s red carpet effort is not without glitches: when translated, its “washroom” signs were somehow printed backwards, appearing closer to Klingon than Arabic. Read all »

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