Mel and Ginger: Why does the media glorify Antifa thuggery?

Despite their violent means, why does the media continue to glorify Antifa and its roving band of thugs? Read all »

AP accuses activist Dana Loesch of inciting violence against journalists

Is activist Dana Loesch actively inciting violence against journalists? Read all »

CNN: Too many statues still standing, provides handy location guide for ripping down more

Just in case Antifa thugs and others haven’t yet ripped down enough statues, CNN has a handy guide to destroying even more! Read all »

With boneheaded ‘Robert Lee’ move, ESPN becomes global laughingstock

Did political correctness just truly jump the shark? Read all »

With Bannon out, will Seb Gorka be the next to go?

With Steven Bannon now out, will Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka be the next to go? Read all »

Are you a ‘covert white supremacist’? CNN’s Sally Kohn has the answer

Think white supremacists are merely guys with tiki torches marching around Virginia? Read all »

Ducking controversy? Local news flushes itself down the toilet

While CNN pushes and exceeds the limits of political extremism, is local news running the other way? Read all »

CNN’s Blitzer: Was Barcelona terror attack ‘a copycat version’ of Charlottesville?

In its newfound quest to test the limits of extreme political advocacy, CNN may have just outdone itself. Read all »

Mel’s Manifesto: Cable’s Ceaseless Shoutfest is careening to a stop at the House of Representatives

Just give me a Judas cradle. Or the Rack. A ball peen hammer. A Chinese Iron Maiden. Dunking. Boiling or even a hot poker between the eyes before I turn on a cable TV station right now.

The gnashing of teeth, wailing, hurtful silences and the faux outrage is simply more than I can bear. Read all »

Shedding tears on CNN, Van Jones wins first prize for over-the-top rhetoric

Between the national media and left-wing activists, there’s a seeming contest underway to see who can deliver the most over-the-top Charlottesville / anti-Trump rhetoric. Read all »

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