‘Fake News:’ How Trump gut-punched lefty media and co-opted a movement

Had things gone as planned, lefty media would be leading the ‘fake news’ charge against the rest of the world of journalism. Read all »

What were they thinking? Gasps, laughs as Obama portraits unveiled

In an embarrassing situation like this, what’s a fawning media to do? Read all »

CBS models new crime-drama after dishonored former AG Holder

Former Attorney General Eric Holder had a public service career tailor-made for a TV drama. Read all »

‘The View’ scolds Megyn Kelly over Jane Fonda tiff

It’s no secret that ‘Hanoi Jane’ Fonda has had a lifetime’s worth of cosmetic work done to her face.

Why is ‘The View’ worked-up over Megan Kelly asking her about it?

Read all »

MSNBC panel pens love-letter to comrades

Is there even a modicum of objectivity left in the liberal media? Read all »

Mika Brzezinski is sad POTUS is healthy

Since President Trump has been deemed mentally and physically fit to occupy the Oval Office, the only conclusion lefties can muster as a result is that he is ‘evil.’

Read all »

‘Sh-thole’ fallout: Why does anyone believe Dick Durbin?

Nearly 48 hours after President Trump came under intense media fire for allegedly using “sh-thole” to label some Third World countries, the only person so far claiming to have actually heard it is Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL). Read all »

CNN up to its old shenanigans: misquotes author to paint him as racist

An article on CNN.com this week served to sandbag a conservative author, painting him incorrectly as a racist.

Read all »

CNN’s Cooper snivels over president’s alleged Haiti comment

It seems that CNN’s Anderson Cooper has a knack for ‘sh*thole’ stories.

Read all »

FNC’s Rosen abruptly leaves network

Fox News’ Washington Chief Correspondent James Rosen walked away from the bureau on the Friday before Christmas.

Read all »

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