Morgan calls for ethics committee investigation into Franken harassment / misconduct claims

The co-founder of the Media Equalizer, Melanie Morgan, appeared on Sean Hannity’s radio program yesterday and detailed the aggressive behavior toward her by Senator Al Franken (D-MN). Read all »

Hannity gives Roy Moore ultimatum: Prove innocence in 24 hours, or exit race

Fox News host Sean Hannity is asking Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore (R) to prove he did not engage in sexual improprieties with teenage girls or leave the Senate race. Read all »

Backlash against Keurig explodes: Consumers toss coffeemakers out of windows

As a result of his tenacious search for the truth in the Roy Moore sex allegation story, Keurig is one of five companies that have foolishly decided to stop advertising on Sean Hannity’s Fox News Channel program.

As a result, many consumers have drawn the ire of the George Soros-funded Media Matters (MMFA) for boycotting the coffee company. Read all »

Watch guest openly mock Don ‘Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy’

Are CNN’s primetime hosts now so disrespected that guests feel comfortable openly mocking them? Read all »

Ingraham, Maloney on the media’s case of aggressive amnesia

In tonight’s show, Laura Ingraham could not have made a more exquisite example of the media’s aggressive amnesia.

When Juanita Broadderick told her story of Bill Clinton’s aggressive sexual advances in a hotel room, scarcely any mainstream journalist would dare touch the story. True, a few reports surfaced the story, but it was quickly forgotten – a rape allegation, forgotten. Read all »

Country music awards hijacked by political outbursts- Guess who they attacked?

It used to be that country music was the light that shined brightly behind the US of A. After Wednesday’s Country Music Awards, where co-hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood used the event to mock President Trump, those days are apparently over. Read all »

‘He had soft hands’: CNN slobbers all over Obama’s jury duty appearance

Other than a plane crash or new “reason” to bash the current president, nothing gets CNN more excited than a chance to fawn all over Barack Obama. Read all »

Shooting down the left’s ridiculous ‘Fox ignored election results’ claim

Running rampant across the left side of the Internet today is the ridiculous claim that embarrassed by yesterday’s election results, Fox News is choosing to ignore the issue entirely. Read all »

Even some lefties shocked by Larry David’s sick SNL monologue

Larry David’s opening monologue on SNL this weekend was so tasteless that it even offended his lefty comrades. Read all »

Has Donna Brazile just vindicated Sean Hannity?

For speaking out about Hillary Clinton’s doomed presidential campaign, it’s hard to understate just how much left-wing vitriol has been reserved for former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile this weekend.

During an appearance on ABC This Week today (video below), Brazile seemed especially defensive when asked about the claims made in her new book about the 2016 election cycle. Read all »

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