Lawrence O’Donnell meltdown clip points to inner MSNBC turmoil

Who inside NBC knifed Larry O’Donnell in the back? Read all »

Was bizarre CNN appearance a network set-up?

Are some guests beginning to openly show their contempt for CNN?

Or, is the network now intentionally booking guests it knows will undermine opposition political viewpoints (in other words, a set-up)? Read all »

Never mind Jamele Hill’s rants: Today’s hyper-political ESPN has bigger problems

Yes, Jamele Hill, a B-list sports reporter for ESPN, labeled President Donald Trump “a white supremacist who largely surrounds himself w/other white supremacists.”

Expecting even any level of respect for POTUS from the left is wasted energy and Hill’s tweet will be forgotten soon enough (she has since apologized). What ESPN should be worried about, however, is their declining viewership.  Read all »

Embarrassed Seattle media makes mayoral molestation scandal instead about Trump

When is a series of damning child molestation allegations against a liberal Democratic mayor actually about the Trump family? Read all »

Has Stephen Colbert gone too far this time? Nazi salute, false claims land him in more hot water

Stephen Colbert has been living the high life lately, dominating the late night ratings as he continually steps up his attacks on President Trump. This time, however, he may have gone too far. Read all »

Creepy? Same reporter behind Bolling’s ‘lewdness’ allegations also breaks news of son’s death

How did the same reporter responsible for a series of career-killing hit pieces on Eric Bolling also manage to break the news that his son had died? Read all »

Will global chaos make CNN’s 24/7 White House obsession more difficult?

Between North Korea’s nuclear threats, recovery from Harvey in Texas and potentially the most powerful hurricane in history headed toward Florida, the news cycle is overloaded. Read all »

Media Equality Project demands CNN fire host caught supporting Antifa violence at rally

With newly-released video footage revealing a CNN program host rallying violent Antifa members during a recent protest in Berkeley, California, the Media Equality Project is demanding the network immediately terminate him. Read all »

Social media erupts over ‘faked’ rescue by CNN reporter

Did CNN stage the live, on-air rescue of a stranded Texas motorist? Read all »

Hurricane victim lashes out at reporter over interview questions

In perhaps one of the most embarrassing moments for CNN in recent memory, a hurricane survivor lashed out at one of its correspondents as the latter interviewed victims from the scene. Read all »

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