Against social media censorship, do conservatives stand a chance?

When it comes to the social media accounts of certain prominent conservatives, some very odd patterns have emerged. Is there a broader effort to censor right-of-center voices? Read all »

Conservative author: Why did Amazon delete Hillary’s one-star reviews, but not mine?

In a stunning recent admission, Amazon indicated they were removing one-star reviews of Hillary Clinton’s new book from their website. Since then, conservative authors who have requested the same courtesy have been met with complete silence from the book-selling behemoth. Read all »

Is this the craziest scheme ever? Valerie Plame hopes to buy Twitter, ban Trump

Is this the craziest political scheme in the history of politics? Read all »

Phony independent ‘newsroom’ threatens conservative sites with destruction

In their quest to eliminate all opposing viewpoints, are leftists close to scoring a major victory? Read all »

Weaponized: Media Matters accessing social media ‘raw data’ to use against political opponents

[Editor’s note: Today, we continue breaking down the Media Matters playbook, intended to destroy all opposing voices and dissenting viewpoints.]


Yesterday, Media Equalizer shined new light on the confidential Media Matters playbook, initially distributed at an event held for a large group of leftist donors.

Today, we reveal how the leftist organization is accessing private social media “raw data” to take down political opponents and eliminate advertising from conservative-leaning websites. Sound creepy? Read all »

Exclusive: Caught red-handed? Web bug found in emails sent by embattled CNN reporter

[Exclusive to the Media Equalizer]

In an attempt to unmask anonymous tipsters, did an embattled CNN reporter use a phishing tactic to gather private information? Read all »

Is China spying on your phone (and car, TV, wearables)?

Is the Chinese goverment secretly spying on almost every aspect of our lives?

According to a shocking new report, the answer appears to be yes. At least 700 million Android devices are running software that allows the regime to listen to phone calls, monitor text messages and more. It can even reprogram your phone! Read all »

Today’s distraction: Apple’s new headphones!

Is today’s online hysteria over the demise of Apple’s iPhone headphone jack another distraction from reality?

As media coverage focuses on the release of the tech giant’s new AirPods, a wireless version of the previous earbuds, it’s easy to wonder why it deserves so much attention. Read all »

Pokemon GO players camp out in front of man’s house!

If you thought the Pokemon GO craze couldn’t get any weirder, guess again.

A Massachusetts man has found himself in a weird position as players have begun congregating in front of his home. Why? It’s because the site has been designated as a “gym” by the game’s creator, with no clear way for him to opt-out. Read all »

Pokémon GO: How did it take over so quickly?

What is Pokémon GO and how did it consume American life so quickly?

Over the past few days, the new app has been blamed for leading children and others into the hands of criminals, guiding a girl toward a dead body and causing pedestrians to walk right into traffic accidents, unable to take their eyes off of the screen. Read all »

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