What is Net Neutrality and why is the left so hell-bent on controlling the Internet?

Why do leftists favor government control over the Internet and with it, free speech itself?

Under the leadership of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai, Trump is seeking to reverse an Obama Administration decision to regulate the Internet. This fight has created a lot of confusion, stoked by Silicon Valley and major players on the left.

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‘Racist’ flyer may cost Doug Jones big in AL

The Doug Jones for Senate Committee thought that circulating a racially charged flyer was a good way to win the black vote in Alabama in the upcoming special election against Judge Roy Moore.

The move backfired.

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CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’ smears Hannity over ad boycott

Media Matters for America (MMFA) president Angelo Carusone was on CNN Sunday morning to defend his call for an ad boycott against Sean Hannity’s television program and rebut Hannity’s response. Read all »

Black non-student claims he was victim of campus hate crime, files false police report

Dauntarius Williams said he was the victim of a hate crime, only to later confess he was the criminal. Read all »

A quarter-BILLION Facebook accounts are duplicates or fakes

They don’t call it “Fakebook” for nothing!

Nearly 250 million of Facebook’s 2.07 billion accounts are either duplicates or fakes. Read all »

Conservative host has had enough censorship, sues Google

Have conservative media personalities finally had enough of Silicon Valley’s leftist censorship?

At least one has: Dennis Prager, popular conservative intellectual, author, and radio personality. He is suing Google and subsidiary YouTube. Read all »

Facebook’s coming conservative shutout: Can you trust social media networks?

It’s no secret that Big Tech swings far to the left.

Now, Silicon Valley titans Google and Facebook are finding ways to spoon-feed only lefty news and commentary. If you want the conservative variety, you’ll have to pay. Read all »

More than just football, protests threaten the heart and soul of America

It started during the NFL preseason in 2016 when Colin Kaepernick, a San Francisco 49ers athlete, sat during the playing of the National Anthem.  Read all »

Against social media censorship, do conservatives stand a chance?

When it comes to the social media accounts of certain prominent conservatives, some very odd patterns have emerged. Is there a broader effort to censor right-of-center voices? Read all »

Conservative author: Why did Amazon delete Hillary’s one-star reviews, but not mine?

In a stunning recent admission, Amazon indicated they were removing one-star reviews of Hillary Clinton’s new book from their website. Since then, conservative authors who have requested the same courtesy have been met with complete silence from the book-selling behemoth. Read all »

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