Fired Google employee Damore to speak at CPAC

Former Google engineer, James Damore, who was fired from the tech giant for circulating a memo is scheduled to speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington DC this week.

Damore’s attorney, Harmeet K. Dhillon, who has filed a class action lawsuit on Damore’s behalf will join him.

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Struggling tabloid Salon losing readers, hopes big-tech censorship will help stop the bleeding

Why would an admitted liberal and fake news publication promote quashing conservative speech?

Because it’s competition.

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San Jose Mayor’s state of the city address disrupted by anti-Google protesters

Shouldn’t those in need welcome new business instead of shunning it?   Read all »

Internet trade group gets behind bill to reinstate net neutrality laws

The Internet Association (IA) is throwing its support behind a bill that would bring back freedom killing net neutrality laws. Read all »

#fullofSchiff Hashtag Outpaces Twitter Censorship in Internet Rugby Superbowl

Twitter should get out of the censorship business because they are outstaffed and outclassed. There are more of us than there are of them. You would think that in a company full of technical geniuses somebody could do simple math. 

When the top influencers in conservative media worked in a coordinated team yesterday, they kept the world dominating hashtag #fullofschiff alive. They were one step ahead of the Twitter censors who couldn’t shut the hashtag down fast enough.

As the FBI shot down the Nunes memo with cryptic press releases, Dem leaders launched a media attack. Byron Allen released a simple verifiable rebuttal to it all stating that Nunes made small grammatical changes.

The Allen story hit the internet like wildfire and it was not long before #fullofschiff was trending.

Shortly after that that #fullofschiff appeared to some prominent conservative influencers to suddenly and conspicuously NOT be trending.  Say what?

What then happened was an epic callout from one influencer to the next. Like a rugby ball, they kept the hashtag going from account to account. You could almost see the human hands of the censor lackies at twitter following the story always two steps behind. 

The story started with Byron York then got lateral passed to Prison planet who passed it to Donald Trump Jr. who passed it to John Cardillo. From there it went to a team of former Trump staffers. At that point, the censorship team at Twitter must of hit their break time because #fullofschiff destroyed The internet for the rest of the day and into the next morning. 

At one point, Schiff himself chimed in citing “russian bots” as the reason why the hashtag was still alive. Those of us who speak democrat know that as concession. In their language, Russian bot just means Conservative Twitter user. We were #winning.

Lesson 1: These censors are advertised as “algorithms” but recent practices at Twitter and other social media giants have shown that they are hiring people just to sit at a desk and be negative. Twitter sells it’s barely profitable business model on the myth of high technology, but in reality it’s censorship program is a losing battle of manpower. It is almost like they are trying to take down their own algorithm for being too successful.

Lesson 2: Investors be warned. Is it really a pretty picture that you own part of a company that is spending massive dollars to squash popular topics? 

Has the myth of high technology gotten so high that nobody can see straight anymore?  Et tu twitteramus.

Tech Wars: Gov’t Surveillance State in the Making Fears FCC Chairman

In the morning, January 29th, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai released this statement to his Twitter account:

“I oppose any proposal for the federal government to build and operate a nationwide 5G network. The market, not the government, is best positioned to drive innovation and investment.”

So what prompted this bleat of a tweet? Business analysts are predicting China will become dominant in 5g by 2020. Where does that leave 5g for American interests? Lots of hot talk in the tech universe that has big repercussions for all of us.

Leaked government documents have shown that there are efforts inside of the Trump administration to advance 5g networks by the US government for lease to US telecoms. According to said officials, this 5g rollout would be necessary for US defense against Chinese intelligence. This 5g rollout could also be packaged and disseminated to US allies for defense purposes.

China is projected to be a leader in 5g by 2020 but the rollout of 5g it’s going to be a super tough sell.

There are a bunch of risks associated with safety and health concerns, and that doesn’t even account for the fact that 5g networks would require the construction of thousands of base stations across the countryside with an unprecedented level of new radio wave output.

While Qualcomm claims to have created the first handheld devices capable of a 5g connection, the upgrade would have to take place in everybody’s handheld devices – that’s assuming people would want it.

There is no clear business case for 5g so that raises the question of why businesses and governments are going into hyper overdrive to deploy it.

Does the average consumer need more video and more advertising packed into their already information dominated awareness? The answer is most likely no. This is why 5g has been advertised tepidly as more of a boon to the security industry than a boon to the average cell phone user. This may also be why 5g is currently being pushed by governments in places like China than by industries here in America.

The pace and magnitude of data coursing through a 5g network seems more applicable to a machine network than a human mind. This roll out may not be a renaissance for the average phone user. It is more likely to usher in a new era of smart cities and interconnected devices which would transmit your data straight into the network at blinding real time speeds.

The two most likely beneficiaries of 5g would be the government surveillance state followed by data driven corporate marketers, and that folks is the rub for American consumers.

Who is Jesus? If you ask Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa, the answer may surprise you

‘Hey Alexa? Who is the Lord Jesus Christ?’

“Jesus Christ is a fictional character.”

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One Whopper of a PR fiasco? Burger King under fire

Why is a hamburger chain in the business of politics?

Perhaps oddly, Burger King is infamous for going to war against freedom and conservative causes.

Now, the fast-food operation has released a bizarre ad using the Whopper to promote Net Neutrality, Obama’s government control over the Internet. Read all »

Lawyer representing ex-Google employee Damore: ‘We have learned about additional disturbing business practices within Google’

The law firm representing former Google employee James Damore who was fired for circulating a memo criticizing the tech giant’s discriminating business practices has been flooded with calls of similar allegations since filing the January 8 lawsuit.

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Washington Post: Google’s new fact-check feature is bunk

The Washington Post thinks Google’s new fact-check gimmick is baloney and is questioning why Google is picking on The Daily Caller (The DC).

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