Washington Times reporter assaulted by anarchist thugs

In another sign of the surreal nature of today’s anti-Trump protests, a reporter was assaulted earlier this morning for no reason other than walking past a gang of anarchist thugs. Read all »

Oakland rave fire: Heartbreaking pleas for information on victims

With at least 25 young people still missing, the fire that consumed a building during a rave party has parents, friends and partners taking to social media in a desperate search for answers. Read all »

Silicon Valley VCs launch ‘F*ck Trump’ effort

Apparently hoping to generate global publicity and praise, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm has jumped directly into partisan politics, publicly denouncing the Republican Party’s presidential nominee using vulgar language.

Charles River Ventures, a 46-year-old firm based on Sand Hill Road in Menlo Park, made the announcement this afternoon on its website and via a post at Medium. Read all »

Bitter war of words between Hannity, WSJ editor over Hillary, Trump

For a crystal-clear picture of the Grand Canyon-like divisions between the rigid, seemingly-shortsighted NeverTrump crowd and those who believe Hillary Clinton must be stopped at all costs, take a look at the bitter war of words between Bret Stephens and Sean Hannity.

While hardly the only battle between “conservatives” who don’t mind a Clinton victory to stop the GOP nominee and those who think Trump is not the devil he’s been made out to be, this showdown is notable for its high-profile nature. Thanks to social media, it’s all out in the open. Read all »

Pokemon GO players camp out in front of man’s house!

If you thought the Pokemon GO craze couldn’t get any weirder, guess again.

A Massachusetts man has found himself in a weird position as players have begun congregating in front of his home. Why? It’s because the site has been designated as a “gym” by the game’s creator, with no clear way for him to opt-out. Read all »

Pokémon GO: How did it take over so quickly?

What is Pokémon GO and how did it consume American life so quickly?

Over the past few days, the new app has been blamed for leading children and others into the hands of criminals, guiding a girl toward a dead body and causing pedestrians to walk right into traffic accidents, unable to take their eyes off of the screen. Read all »

Fake breast size study fools publications around the world

Fooling newspapers and websites around the world, A major “study” on breast sizes around the world is a complete hoax, leaving some red-faced today.

Worse, this “research” may have been floating around the Internet for years! Read all »

CBS News to ‘drunkest cities’: Drink even more!

Yes, we know what you’re probably thinking: it’s summer, the adults are on vacation and interns are running the marketing department.

Whatever the reason (or excuse), we’re wondering how this social media campaign was approved without at least one corporate suit’s objection. Read all »

Is Facebook targeting Kathleen Willey?

Is Facebook targeting Kathleen Willey?

If not, it’s an odd coincidence, to say the least. For months, strange things have been happening related to the onetime Clinton White House staffer and longtime Hillary foe’s social media account. Read all »

Investors: Mark Zuckerberg’s a dictator

Do investors have any say in the future of Facebook?

According to some key shareholders, the answer is absolutely not! Read all »

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