Maddow: Trump is the ‘un-do’ Obama president

On Friday’s Rachel Maddow Show, the host said that “the Trump administration has passed no significant legislation of any kind.”

Instead, since taking office, she claims that it has simply undone all of the wonderful things the previous one managed to accomplish. Read all »

‘Colin’ cancer: What are Kaepernick’s chances of winning NFL dispute?

Memo to Colin Kaepernick: Your employer and major cable sports networks support your disrespect. Read all »

Against social media censorship, do conservatives stand a chance?

When it comes to the social media accounts of certain prominent conservatives, some very odd patterns have emerged. Is there a broader effort to censor right-of-center voices? Read all »

Social media giants continue to censor viewpoints they don’t like

Conservative Twitter users beware: all words and phrases must now be carefully wrapped in bubble-paper, lest the social justice warrior / snowflake brigade start their whining. Read all »

View from Vegas: Talking heads wrong on hotel security

For the last 48 hours, while my beloved hometown has been reeling from the tragedy, I’ve had the opportunity to defend our incredible casino security personnel during dozens of radio and TV interviews all over the world. Read all »

Leftists believe gun control won’t happen until a mass shooting happens at a Trump rally

In what has become a sad, cynical ritual in America, a crazy person has committed a mass murder using several firearms, and the Left is in a frenzy to point fingers at public policy makers who have ignored the need for an overhaul to our mental health system.

Wait, no, that’s not who they’re blaming at all. They’re blaming the guns, and Trump supporters. Read all »

Exclusive: FBI agents visit Facebook user’s home over critical comment

A comment critical of the FBI posted to the agency’s Facebook page has landed one user in hot water today. Read all »

After Facebook post, left claims talk host’s scalp in Las Vegas

With the ouster of a Las Vegas-based talk host, “progressives” have claimed another scalp in their war on free speech. Read all »

Lefty twitter users go Billy Madison over POTUS retweet of Clinton golf meme

Over a tweet featuring POTUS’s flawless golf swing cutting away to the ball hitting Hillary Clinton in the back as she boards a plane, lefty Twitter users are crying foul (or “fore”?): Read all »

Woman’s reaction to Islamic call to prayer in Brooklyn has Twitter in uproar

Can Twitter users remain one step of ahead of company censors seeming to block a viral clip? Read all »

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