Holder, lefty media fired-up over Mueller, Russian indictments

It doesn’t take much to get the left excited, especially if the subject involves Trump, Russia or both.

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Struggling tabloid Salon losing readers, hopes big-tech censorship will help stop the bleeding

Why would an admitted liberal and fake news publication promote quashing conservative speech?

Because it’s competition.

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San Jose Mayor’s state of the city address disrupted by anti-Google protesters

Shouldn’t those in need welcome new business instead of shunning it?   Read all »

Producer of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream blackmails Google and Facebook into speech censorship

Unilever, the megacorporation that owns some of the biggest brands, Best Food’s mayonnaise, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, and Vaseline, said they will pull their ads from the big tech giants if they don’t censor the speech they don’t like on their platforms.. Read all »

#FAIL: As conservative outlets thrive, Media Matters whines

It’s the left’s same, tired story;  when faced with the opposition’s truth and facts, hit back with ad hominem attacks and fallacy.  Read all »

Bette Midler: Let’s beat up Senator Rand Paul again

For some Hollywood liberals, violence is the answer. Read all »

#fullofSchiff Hashtag Outpaces Twitter Censorship in Internet Rugby Superbowl

Twitter should get out of the censorship business because they are outstaffed and outclassed. There are more of us than there are of them. You would think that in a company full of technical geniuses somebody could do simple math. 

When the top influencers in conservative media worked in a coordinated team yesterday, they kept the world dominating hashtag #fullofschiff alive. They were one step ahead of the Twitter censors who couldn’t shut the hashtag down fast enough.

As the FBI shot down the Nunes memo with cryptic press releases, Dem leaders launched a media attack. Byron Allen released a simple verifiable rebuttal to it all stating that Nunes made small grammatical changes.

The Allen story hit the internet like wildfire and it was not long before #fullofschiff was trending.

Shortly after that that #fullofschiff appeared to some prominent conservative influencers to suddenly and conspicuously NOT be trending.  Say what?

What then happened was an epic callout from one influencer to the next. Like a rugby ball, they kept the hashtag going from account to account. You could almost see the human hands of the censor lackies at twitter following the story always two steps behind. 

The story started with Byron York then got lateral passed to Prison planet who passed it to Donald Trump Jr. who passed it to John Cardillo. From there it went to a team of former Trump staffers. At that point, the censorship team at Twitter must of hit their break time because #fullofschiff destroyed The internet for the rest of the day and into the next morning. 

At one point, Schiff himself chimed in citing “russian bots” as the reason why the hashtag was still alive. Those of us who speak democrat know that as concession. In their language, Russian bot just means Conservative Twitter user. We were #winning.

Lesson 1: These censors are advertised as “algorithms” but recent practices at Twitter and other social media giants have shown that they are hiring people just to sit at a desk and be negative. Twitter sells it’s barely profitable business model on the myth of high technology, but in reality it’s censorship program is a losing battle of manpower. It is almost like they are trying to take down their own algorithm for being too successful.

Lesson 2: Investors be warned. Is it really a pretty picture that you own part of a company that is spending massive dollars to squash popular topics? 

Has the myth of high technology gotten so high that nobody can see straight anymore?  Et tu twitteramus.

Twittersphere, Multiple Media Outlets Unload on Bernie Surrogate Jonathan Tasini

Did Jonathan Tasini of CNN really insinuate that God wants Republicans dead?! The Bernie Sanders surrogate and CNN contributor made several comments on Twitter that show shocking indifference to this tragedy. 

One tweet read:

“wow, btwn train full of goopers hitting truck and this, God is working hard today to clean up the stink.  Thank her.”

Conflating the news of Trey Gowdy’s stepdown from Congress with this accident Tasini proclaimed it to be an act of providence. 

After massive backlash from Fox News, The Gateway Pundit, multiple news outlets and thousands of people on Twitter he removed just one tweet and then made a tone deaf apology.

“Apologies people. It was poked out in midst of convo w 2 colleagues on the deep racism/hypocrisy/criminality promoted by GOP or as GOPer Amanda Carpenter says, gaslighting of America . Deleting.”

The company he was in doesn’t make it any better.  The tweet gives us a glimpse into the snarky and insensitive world of democratic staffers and CNN wannabes who will say anything for approval. It was a rare ‘twitter hot mic’ moment that shows how crass contributors are when they think no one is listening or watching.

Before deletion, the tweet was said to have a set a Twitter record for the highest comment-to-like ratio in history.  Negative comments were rumored to include many prominent figures in the media. 

Tasini was forced to publicly clarify his relationship with CNN after a deluge of users tagged @CNN in their commentary.  

His apologies seem defensive and tone deaf at best.  There is also still a tweet posted to his account that says this:

“When a trash truck has to humble itself and devalue its standards”

This happens to be regarding a truck the drivers of which were rushed to the hospital in critical condition.  Republicans were quick to give respect to the first responders and well wishes to the drivers of the truck.  Not Tasini.  

Want to tell him how you feel?  Here is his twitter handle: @jonathantasini  Don’t forget to tag @CNN too. It works.  

The Incredible Hulk to host ‘the peoples’ state of the union rebuttal

Actor Mark Ruffalo and a handful of Hollywood bleeding hearts will mock President Trump Monday night ahead of Tuesday’s State of the Union Address. Read all »

Hillary still bitter over election, trolls Trump by reading from Wolff tabloid

Let it go, Hillary. Let it go. Read all »

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