Embarrassed Seattle media makes mayoral molestation scandal instead about Trump

When is a series of damning child molestation allegations against a liberal Democratic mayor actually about the Trump family? Read all »

After fifth child molestation allegation, Seattle’s creepy mayor finally resigns

In the face of yet another child molestation accusation, Seattle’s Democratic Mayor Ed Murray has resigned, effective today. Read all »

Mel’s Manifesto: The creepy times in which we live

The Universe is playing a seriously scary trick on all of us.

It’s kind of like a movie where “behind the secret door was the steel spiral staircase, leading down to a small alcove in the walls of the house, inside is one of the crawl spaces where the world finds a blanket, Halloween candy, and toys that had mysteriously gone missing from the house.” Read all »

Lawsuit alleges Saudi government bankrolled 9/11 hijackers, helped design attacks

Claiming their Washington Embassy may have funded a practice attempt for plane hijackings, new evidence in a major 9/11 lawsuit has been submitted against the Saudi Arabian government.

The “dry run” was allegedly carried out by two Saudi employees, further strengthening the claim that officials and agents of the regime aided and assisted the 9/11 hijackers and planners. Read all »

Bill Maher: Florida, Texas shouldn’t get federal disaster aid

In the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Harvey, Bill Maher says that it’s unfair for Florida and Texas to request disaster aid. Maher appeals to the most tired and unsubstantiated social justice argument he can – that because Texas supposedly doesn’t pay enough in taxes, they somehow don’t deserve a federal bailout. Read all »

Has Stephen Colbert gone too far this time? Nazi salute, false claims land him in more hot water

Stephen Colbert has been living the high life lately, dominating the late night ratings as he continually steps up his attacks on President Trump. This time, however, he may have gone too far. Read all »

When the killers struck, where were you?

Sixteen years ago today, America was twinned together in anger and defiance. We hung flags. We spoke to our neighbors, even those with whom we disagreed.

We cried. We walked dazed through the streets of our cities, and clung to each other in our offices.

We prayed. We donated blood, and then we prayed some more. It lasted about a week. Read all »

Creepy? Same reporter behind Bolling’s ‘lewdness’ allegations also breaks news of son’s death

How did the same reporter responsible for a series of career-killing hit pieces on Eric Bolling also manage to break the news that his son had died? Read all »

Ben Shapiro is coming to Berkeley, causing snowflakes to need extra security and counseling

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro is coming to UC Berkely for a speech next Thursday, so of course the campus is planning to have counselors on hand and “increased and highly visible police presence.” Read all »

Star Trek: Discovery writers mock 65 million Trump supporters

Had Star Trek Creator, Gene Roddenberry, witnessed modern-era politics, he may have approved of the allegories one of the shows offshoots, Star Trek: Discovery, is going to include in upcoming episodes, Klingons as Trump supporters.

Said Showrunner Aaron Harberts in an interview with EW: Read all »

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