California Dreamin’: State looks to single-payer healthcare, and with it financial ruin

No matter its long, sordid history of failure, if it deals in socialism, California is all in. Read all »

Trump the feminist? ICE and DHS reach out to women for jobs in immigration enforcement

For all their rhetoric on Trump the ‘woman-hater’ lefty media has apparently passed on a golden opportunity to report that the president’s top immigration and security departments have reached out to women who might be interested in a ‘challenging and rewarding career in law enforcement.’

Read all »

Nunes requests all four transcripts of FISA court hearings

This should clear up any remaining questions on why the FISA court allowed spying on a presidential campaign. Read all »

Suspected drunk driving illegal alien kills two including NFL player

Calls for President Trump to ramp up immigration enforcement are certain to grow louder as a suspected drunk driver who killed two men early Monday morning, including NFL player Edwin Jackson, was an illegal alien. Read all »

Behind the curtain: Who are the judges of the secretive FISA court?

Is it surprising that nearly all of judges who serve on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA)– the court that gave the go-ahead to wiretap the Trump campaign–were appointed by Barack Obama?
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MSNBC host Reid: ‘Only Fox News viewers have heard of MS-13’

MSNBC’s Joy Reid said that the President’s mention of the brutal murder of two teenage girls by MS-13 was politically motivated. Read all »

House Speaker Ryan hints to ‘malfeasance at FBI,’ wants memo released

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) lobbied to have the classified FBI memo made public. Read all »

Scared ‘Schiff’less: Intelligence committee votes to release DOJ wiretap memo

President Trump claimed Trump Tower was illegally wiretapped during his campaign.

We’re about to find out if he was right. Read all »

Will President Trump #releasethememo during his State of the Union Address?

Should President Trump read the GOP’s eye-popping FBI/DOJ FISA memo during Tuesday’s State of the Union (SOTU) address to Congress?

Read all »

One Whopper of a PR fiasco? Burger King under fire

Why is a hamburger chain in the business of politics?

Perhaps oddly, Burger King is infamous for going to war against freedom and conservative causes.

Now, the fast-food operation has released a bizarre ad using the Whopper to promote Net Neutrality, Obama’s government control over the Internet. Read all »

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