Florida Teacher of the Year’s gun violence post goes viral after school shooting

A woman who won “Teacher of the Year” at a Florida middle school posted a bold Facebook message on Thursday, and it has gone viral.

Kelly Guthrie Raley published a lengthy post saying calling on parents to “step up” when it comes to monitoring their kids’ behavior and noticing if any warnings signs may be present.

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Efforts by lefties to label Florida shooter white supremacist backfire

Social media and fake news sites were ablaze Thursday with reports that the shooter who killed 17 at a Florida high school was a member of a white supremacist organization. Read all »

Liberals hurl insults at father of Florida shooting victim for his shirt

The community in Parkland, Florida, is trying to unify and heal after the tragic shooting at the Stoneman Douglas High School.

On Wednesday, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz killed 17 innocent people and injured many others when he carried out a mass shooting.

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Pelosi demands gun control, actor Adam Baldwin embarrasses her with one tweet

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and a plethora of Hollywood elitists are predictably blaming Republicans and President Donald Trump for the tragic shooting Wednesday at the Stoneman Douglas High School.

In stark contrast, actor Adam Baldwin said the more effective response to preventing mass shooting is actually within the schools themselves.

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Media Equality Project calls for removal of black supremacist’s Obama portrait

Kehinde Wiley, the ‘first black, gay artist’ to create a presidential portrait for the Smithsonian is taking a public beating for some of his racist, hateful work, and well he should. Read all »

CNN hypes anti-Trump piece, immediately retracts after seven embarrassing errors

Facing a ratings crisis, their credibility steadily declining, and reports suggesting massive lay-offs are looming, things are not great for CNN.

On Tuesday, CNN’s Editor-at-Large Chris Cillizza made it much worse when he hyped a major bombshell story about the White House that turned out to be fake news.

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Hatemonger paints Obama Smithsonian portrait, faces backlash

It could be a Muslim beheading an infidel.

Instead, it is Obama family artist, Kehinde Wiley’s, admitted racist fantasy on the canvas that depicts a black woman who’s just cut the head off of a white women

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Growing number of state laws are passed or introduced focusing on campus free speech

The battle for free speech on college campuses across the country is becoming more prevalent in state legislatures, with many groups fighting back against the suppression of conservative speech.

Thur far, there have been eight enacting laws on the issue with more than a dozen others considering legal measures aimed at ensuring First Amendment rights on colleges and universities are protected regardless of political views.

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Stanford students feel ‘unsafe and hurt,’ brought to tears over conservative flyers on campus

Stanford University students are petrified over the thought of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents that it has deteriorated their mental capacity to accelerate at their fancy school.

Not long after a student on Stanford’s campus passed out flyers outlining how the importance of ICE, liberal students literally came apart emotionally and wept over the idea of discussing the rule of law.

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Unhinged feminist and Teen Vogue writer praises Nancy Pelosi for 8-hour monologue

Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca applauded Nancy Pelosi for the Senator’s ability to prattle non-stop for 8 hours Wednesday.


Pelosi’s inability to shut her mouth so impressed the self-proclaimed ‘man-repellent’, Duca unloaded an F-bomb.

The irony in Duca’s tweet is that yesterday was International Day of Zero Tolerance for Genital Mutilation-a day when feminists of the first rank should jump at the opportunity to defend their womanly parts as they do when discussing abortion, for instance, or wearing the both stylish and functional ‘pu**y hat:’ the “Confederate Flag for White Feminists” according to Tamela J. Gordon at Medium.

Hillary Clinton wrote to Duca in June rendering the latter an instant boot-licker.


Duca took heat for the exchange with Clinton even from some who consider themselves “feminist allies.” One user, who claimed he enjoyed Duca’s work, wrote that he couldn’t support the tweet because he had a young son. “That’s not a message I can get behind,” he wrote, prompting Duca to retort, ‘wake me up when men are obsolete.’


I reached out to Duca for comment but got no response.

Domestic duties? Nah.

Duca seems to relish playing the fool. She got in over her head in December 2016 when she tried to attack Tucker Carlson on his own show and paid for it.

Pelosi’s filibuster style ramble targeted the earlier passing of a Senate funding bill that did not provide protection for DREAMers–a ramble that put Arizona Representative Doris Matsui to sleep, twice. Check it out.

Pelosi’s speech was wasted breath–8-hours worth as the Senate still hasn’t reached agreement on DREAMers. Lefties en masse seem to be experiencing that ‘sinking feeling’ as the DNC is coming apart under its old, crusty members who have the memory and attention span of a gnat.

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