Leftists believe gun control won’t happen until a mass shooting happens at a Trump rally

In what has become a sad, cynical ritual in America, a crazy person has committed a mass murder using several firearms, and the Left is in a frenzy to point fingers at public policy makers who have ignored the need for an overhaul to our mental health system.

Wait, no, that’s not who they’re blaming at all. They’re blaming the guns, and Trump supporters. Read all »

PC run amok: Portland Police to scrap 20-year history of labeling gangsters, will purge database

In response to community concerns that labels have disproportionately affected minorities, Portland, Oregon police will end their more than 20-year  practice of designating people as gang members or associates.

Scheduled to take effect October 15, the department will also erase the database it has developed over the last two decades. Read all »

In Seattle, Antifa’s mob rule on display

With police and local officials seeming to look the other way, has Antifa’s thuggery been accepted as mainstream in some cities?   Read all »

After fifth child molestation allegation, Seattle’s creepy mayor finally resigns

In the face of yet another child molestation accusation, Seattle’s Democratic Mayor Ed Murray has resigned, effective today. Read all »

Voter fraud is real: Corrupt state workers caught selling documents to illegal aliens

Still think voter fraud is “fake news”?

Six people in Boston are under arrest after a federal investigation uncovered a scheme by state Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) workers to sell documents to illegal aliens so they could obtain passports, drivers licenses and IDs, then register to vote. Read all »

Will Democratic leaders denounce today’s shootings?


Ever since the election results were announced, the far-left and (even more concerning) not-so-far left, have been in full meltdown mode. While many have turned into complete maniacs, are some actually evolving into homicidal maniacs? Read all »

Congressional baseball game: How you can help


Our hearts are with Rep. Scalise, the Capitol Hill police officer, and the congressional aides who were injured this morning in Alexandria, VA.  Read all »

Who Killed Seth Rich?

Who was Seth Rich and why are thousands of conservative bloggers, activists and operatives working to solve his two-year-old Cold Case murder? Read all »

Should evading a $1 toll result in a felony conviction?

For evading a toll of just over a buck, a Florida man faces a possible felony conviction.

Cleverly disguising his license plate using a retractable cover, Joshua Concepcion West was only caught because a state trooper actually observed him using the remote-controlled device. Read all »

Burglar picks wrong house, runs for his life

Before he could run away, an armed intruder got the scare of his life after a revolver-packing grandmother grabbed her weapon and reportedly fired a shot.

Rebbie Roberson, a 74-year-old resident of Bowie County, Texas, told KSLA-TV, “anyone break in on me, I’m gonna kill them! He’s gonna kill me or I’m gonna kill him!” Read all »

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