Voter fraud is real: Corrupt state workers caught selling documents to illegal aliens

Still think voter fraud is “fake news”?

Six people in Boston are under arrest after a federal investigation uncovered a scheme by state Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) workers to sell documents to illegal aliens so they could obtain passports, drivers licenses and IDs, then register to vote. Read all »

Will Democratic leaders denounce today’s shootings?


Ever since the election results were announced, the far-left and (even more concerning) not-so-far left, have been in full meltdown mode. While many have turned into complete maniacs, are some actually evolving into homicidal maniacs? Read all »

Congressional baseball game: How you can help


Our hearts are with Rep. Scalise, the Capitol Hill police officer, and the congressional aides who were injured this morning in Alexandria, VA.  Read all »

Who Killed Seth Rich?

Who was Seth Rich and why are thousands of conservative bloggers, activists and operatives working to solve his two-year-old Cold Case murder? Read all »

Should evading a $1 toll result in a felony conviction?

For evading a toll of just over a buck, a Florida man faces a possible felony conviction.

Cleverly disguising his license plate using a retractable cover, Joshua Concepcion West was only caught because a state trooper actually observed him using the remote-controlled device. Read all »

Burglar picks wrong house, runs for his life

Before he could run away, an armed intruder got the scare of his life after a revolver-packing grandmother grabbed her weapon and reportedly fired a shot.

Rebbie Roberson, a 74-year-old resident of Bowie County, Texas, told KSLA-TV, “anyone break in on me, I’m gonna kill them! He’s gonna kill me or I’m gonna kill him!” Read all »

Chicago crime: Is this the last straw?

With more murders so far this year than New York City and Los Angeles combined, Chicago’s record crime wave has residents up in arms. Read all »

NYPD’s ‘Do not stab anyone’ flyers stir controversy

Has the NYPD misfired with a flyer calling on parade-goers to refrain from stabbing and shooting one another? Read all »

Did US swimmers lie about robbery to cover up their own behavior?

Did US swimmers lie about being robbed in Rio to cover up their own drunken misbehavior? Read all »

DAs warn of new drug 10,000 times more powerful than heroin

If you thought the heroin epidemic was bad, a new drug hitting the streets makes it look like a walk in the park. Read all »

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