Should evading a $1 toll result in a felony conviction?

For evading a toll of just over a buck, a Florida man faces a possible felony conviction.

Cleverly disguising his license plate using a retractable cover, Joshua Concepcion West was only caught because a state trooper actually observed him using the remote-controlled device. Read all »

Burglar picks wrong house, runs for his life

Before he could run away, an armed intruder got the scare of his life after a revolver-packing grandmother grabbed her weapon and reportedly fired a shot.

Rebbie Roberson, a 74-year-old resident of Bowie County, Texas, told KSLA-TV, “anyone break in on me, I’m gonna kill them! He’s gonna kill me or I’m gonna kill him!” Read all »

Chicago crime: Is this the last straw?

With more murders so far this year than New York City and Los Angeles combined, Chicago’s record crime wave has residents up in arms. Read all »

NYPD’s ‘Do not stab anyone’ flyers stir controversy

Has the NYPD misfired with a flyer calling on parade-goers to refrain from stabbing and shooting one another? Read all »

Did US swimmers lie about robbery to cover up their own behavior?

Did US swimmers lie about being robbed in Rio to cover up their own drunken misbehavior? Read all »

DAs warn of new drug 10,000 times more powerful than heroin

If you thought the heroin epidemic was bad, a new drug hitting the streets makes it look like a walk in the park. Read all »

Here’s how women are responding to the murder of two joggers

With two joggers from New York City found murdered within a week under similarly brutal circumstances, women in the Northeast are taking no chances today, quickly looking for new ways to defend themselves.

Last week’s victim was 30-year-old Karina Vetrano, found in Howard Beach after a search that included her father. There was evidence of sexual assault and strangulation. Read all »

Witnesses describe horrific scene at Dallas police massacre

In what must be the largest attack on American police officers in modern history, four were killed and seven wounded Thursday evening during a Dallas protest against two recent shooting deaths of civilians in Louisiana and Minnesota.

At least 30 shots were said to have been fired directly at cops during the downtown event, with eyewitnesses describing a chaotic scene where many in the crowd ran in an attempt to escape the line of fire. Read all »

What’s next for HLN’s Nancy Grace?

What’s next for crime host Nancy Grace?

After 12 often-controversial years, the HLN talker will leave the network in October. According to the Hollywood Reporter, which broke the story, Grace’s exit will coincide with the end of her contract. Read all »

Mother of girl who stabbed friend 19 times fights to keep her out of prison

Can a child be held responsible for an attempted murder she committed at the age of 12?

Two years after Morgan Geyser and a friend allegedly stabbed another girl 19 times, that question has been raised by her mother, who is desperately trying to keep her out of prison. Angie Geyser wants her daughter tried in juvenile court, rather than as an adult, citing her young age and diagnosis of schizophrenia. Read all »

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