If you needed more evidence of today’s bizarre political and media environment, look no further than the reaction to Al Franken’s resignation announcement earlier today.

Two Hollywood figures who were once married and appeared on the same show are at odds over the Minnesota Democrat’s fate.

Normally known for her far-left positions on major issues, Roseanne Barr today slammed the onetime comedian over his surreal exit speech.

In it, a defiant Franken refused to admit wrongdoing, bashed Republicans and was vague about when he would actually resign. That led Roseanne to tweet this in response:

Meanwhile, onetime husband and Roseanne co-star Tom Arnold sees the entire issue as a partisan set-up, using the same social media platform to claim Franken accuser Leeann Tweeden was “coached” by the senator’s political opponents.

“I’m disappointed with my friend Leeann Tweedon. Her partner at KABC John Phillips is a Roger Stone pal & they coached her for weeks to bring Al Franken down. I’d hoped she’d use her voice to speak out for all women again predators like Roy Moore & Donald Trump but she’s a birther”, he tweeted.

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