Weeks after Leeann Tweeden rocked the political world with a photo showing now-Senator Al Franken groping her during an overseas USO tour, why is he still in office?

Since then, a number of other women have come forward with similar accounts of having been touched inappropriately by the onetime alleged comedian, but little has changed. While said to be facing a Senate ethics probe, calls for his removal are mitigated by left-wing activists coming to his (at least partial) defense.

While that might not seem terribly surprising given typical partisan loyalties, it’s the relative silence of Republican leaders that ought to raise eyebrows. At best, they have called for an investigation, not his removal.

That’s why the Media Equality Project marched to his Senate office last week, demanding his resignation. Hiding behind a door, Franken refused to address the protesters, which included several of Bill Clinton’s sex assault victims:

Until today, when they backed off somewhat, the GOP had been much tougher on Roy Moore, the US Senate candidate in Alabama who has come under fire over allegedly dating teenage girls while in his early thirties. That distinction didn’t go unnoticed by Moore, who mocked them in response.

As Ian Mason at Breitbart noted, it’s despite the fact that Franken has “been a consistent political foe of virtually the entire Republican Party. He has, for example, been one of the leading voices passing the ‘Russia Story’ election collusion narrative and has badgered populist Senator-cum-Attorney General Jeff Sessions for months on his accounts of brief meetings with Russian functionaries in an effort to discredit him.”

That’s while Franken’s victims are still suffering lingering effects from having been sexually violated. As WBIR-10 reported, on the day she went public, accuser Stephanie Kemplin of Ohio “didn’t leave her bed. She stayed under the covers and didn’t go outside to get her mail until 10 p.m. ET.”

Obviously, painful memories of Franken’s behavior endure.

With so many having come forward now, what keeps Republicans at bay is anyone’s guess.


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