Running rampant across the left side of the Internet today is the ridiculous claim that embarrassed by yesterday’s election results, Fox News is choosing to ignore the issue entirely.

It’s an especially popular theme today on Twitter and Facebook, while prominently featured a headline claiming “Fox News went 100 minutes Tuesday night without discussing the Republican loss in Virginia”.

“Just before 9 p.m., Tucker Carlson read an update about the loss in Virginia and another Democratic gubernatorial win in New Jersey. At 9, Sean Hannity took over and slipped in a comment about why said Republican losses don’t really count: ‘Those results in New Jersey and Virginia—not states Donald Trump won’,” Slate’s Ben Mathis-Lilley wrote.

On Twitter, Media Matters For America President Angelo Carusone accused Fox News of pretending the election hadn’t occurred, using a screenshot comparison with

We’re not sure when that image was taken, but when we checked earlier, the election was not only covered, but leading the home page with a “GOP licks wounds” header:

In fact, Fox News hosts seem EAGER to talk about the results, hoping GOP leaders will heed the warnings, in case this becomes a foreshadowing of November, 2018. Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie was not backed by many conservative commentators, given his establishment reputation as former head of the party.

Beyond that, it was the ultimate off-year contest, with few major races of note. The Virginia and New Jersey gubernatorial contests had not stirred much in the way of national interest, nor did the lackluster New York City mayoral race. Without this news value, how much time does it really warrant, especially with the president on an important overseas trip?

Below are just a few of the MANY segments Fox has run about yesterday’s voting:

So does it really seem that Fox was afraid to cover election losses?

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