Other than a plane crash or new “reason” to bash the current president, nothing gets CNN more excited than a chance to fawn all over Barack Obama.

And with the former White House occupant appearing for jury duty this week, it’s an opportunity they simply couldn’t resist. Called to appear at a Cook County, Illinois courthouse, Obama made a grand entrance for adoring fans and star-struck reporters.

CNN’s Jeanne Moos seemed particularly impressed that Obama sat through an instructional video for prospective jurors and that Secret Service agents asked others to remain seated while he passed.

Though he was there less than two hours before being dismissed, as she reported, it was enough time for superfan selfies and slobbering.

One young man in attendance called meeting him “probably the highlight of my life” and said Obama “had soft hands”:

And with that, CNN returned to the usual 24/7 attacks on his successor. If only Obama could be called for jury duty more often!

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