With Hollywood unraveling before our eyes, is Sean Hannity just what the film industry needs?

After years of silence over rape and sexual abuse at the hands of Harvey Weinstein (and others), the entertainment industry’s liberal elite have seemingly lost any remaining shred of credibility.

As actors try to save their own sorry reputations, finger-pointing has replaced film promotion.

If timing is everything in life, then Sean Hannity’s entrance into the industry could shake things up a great deal further.

The longtime Fox News Channel host has backed a new film designed for Americans fed up with what Hollywood produces and who are looking for something with more meaning. Starring and directed by Kevin Sorbo, “Let There Be Light” opens in theaters October 27.

Its primary backer is Hannity, who told attendees at an event Tuesday, “I have no idea what I’m doing.”

He colorfully added, “I’m sick and tired of Hollywood bulls - - t. How many freaking ‘Spider-Man’ movies can we see?”

Below, coverage of his big move, follwed by the film’s trailer:

Just read that Sean Hannity is moonlighting…

Posted by Greta Van Susteren on jueves, 12 de octubre de 2017

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