This time targeting the increasingly-insufferable Jimmy Kimmel, a conservative street artist known for edgy, spontaneous work is at it again.

Appearing on Los Angeles benches and telephone poles this morning were the latest pieces by “Sabo”, an otherwise-anonymous provocateur with a knack for generating headlines.

With the ABC late night host increasingly moving toward political sermons and seemingly away from comedy, he presents a rich target for critics. Since the massacre in Las Vegas Sunday night, Kimmel has become particularly strident, lecturing the audience about gun control and other issues.

From his October 2 program:

Having previously used his art to slam Obama and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and his potential presidential run, Sabo renamed “Live!” as “The Jimmy Kimmel Estrogen Hour” (top image) and created “cry-baby” posters for telephone poles:

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Sabo targeted locations near Kimmel’s home. Citing the artist, it also said that the inspiration for “Estrogen Hour” came from “the days when Kimmel co-hosted The Man Show with Adam Carolla.”


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