Just how badly does Media Matters for America want Bill O’Reilly gone from television for good?

So much that even a mere guest appearance by the former primetime host on the Fox News Channel has sent them into an absolute tizzy.

The “trigger” for their perceived “microaggression”? A shocking invite from onetime colleague Sean Hannity to appear on tonight’s show:

Because Media Matters relies on its reputation for “scalping” opponents to secure more funding from billionaire George Soros and others, this could mean Bill has now been moved from the organization’s win column to a loss.

That could be costly, which is why its website went on the rampage earlier today:

And for those that might have missed its website updates, the group sent a mass email calling O’Reilly a “serial sexual predator”, telling supporters that “This is more than just one guest appearance, though. This is the continuation of a budding collaboration between Hannity and O’Reilly – and it’s unacceptable.”

Any long-term alliance between Hannity and O’Reilly would still seem uncertain, given their long history of adversarial relations. For Media Matters, this provides an lucrative new conspiracy theory, however!

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