With newly-released video footage revealing a CNN program host rallying violent Antifa members during a recent protest in Berkeley, California, the Media Equality Project is demanding the network immediately terminate him.

W. Kamau Bell, host of the news network’s United Shades of America, actively encouraged members of the leftist organization to battle those who were there to promote free speech at the August 27 event. Antifa then quickly turned to physical attacks on anyone in the vicinity who appeared to be an “enemy”.

Bell’s participation remained relatively unknown until The Daily Caller published a story late Thursday evening. Heading into a long holiday weekend, however, the revelation was lost in a unusually-busy news cycle.

Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson tackled the issue head-on during an evening segment, accusing Bell of “peddling hate”:


As Carlson noted, the event’s organizer wasn’t a neo-Nazi at all, but a political moderate. Nonetheless, he was brutally beaten by Antifa thugs, as was an innocent bystander who was nearly killed.

“Bell’s reckless disregard not only for freedom of speech, but also public safety, shows that he has no business working for a major news network,” said Melanie Morgan, Media Equality Project co-founder.

“Given that 13 people were injured in Berkeley, including police officers, Bell’s actions show that CNN is willing to allow even the most extreme behavior if it advances a far-left political agenda,” said Brian Maloney, MEP co-founder and Media Equalizer publisher.

The organization believes that if CNN is concerned with maintaining even the appearance of impartiality, it will not run season three of his program, which is scheduled to air in 2018. In addition, it should publicly denounce the violence associated with Antifa extremists.


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