When is a series of damning child molestation allegations against a liberal Democratic mayor actually about the Trump family?

Answer: When the media says so.

Clearly embarrassed by the scandal that caused Democratic Mayor Ed Murray to resign after five victims came forward, a Seattle television station has tried to change the subject.

Using a critical tweet (“It took 5? Also: Ed Murray (D) fyi” he wrote) by the president’s son, KIRO-TV made Donald J. Trump Jr. the issue, polling readers on their reaction.

This allowed local “progressives” the opportunity to concoct a moral equivalency argument, or even to suggest Trump Sr. was guilty of worse than Murray’s alleged crimes:

During 2017, local “progressives” had repeatedly defended Mayor Murray as he attempted to blame the “right-wing” for supposedly smearing his good name.

But victim number five is a blood relative who said he’d had enough and needed to come forward. That was one too many, so the left-wing establishment backed away, giving critics the opening they needed to push Murray out of city hall.

Even now, Seattle’s notoriously parochial news media is looking for ways to mitigate the damage and Trump Jr.’s tweet apparently fit the bill.


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