How did the same reporter responsible for a series of career-killing hit pieces on Eric Bolling also manage to break the news that his son had died?

With Saturday’s shocking revelation that 19-year-old Eric Chase Bolling had passed away of as-yet unclear causes, some of the focus has now turned to New York Magazine’s Yashar Ali.

Through the Huffington Post, Ali has shown a seeming obsession with bringing down the elder Bolling in recent months. With yesterday’s announcement that the latter had indeed been fired by Fox News after a long suspension, his work has paid off.

As we reported in August, Ali’s accusations against Bolling utilized 14 unnamed sources and purported evidence that never emerged publicly.

While one woman did come forward in a subsequent Ali story to claim he did indeed “subject her to sexual harrassment”, she had already accused two other former colleagues of the same behavior and the story did not gain much traction.

The alleged misdeeds consisted of unwanted sexting, including purported images of genitalia.

Since early August, Bolling had remained suspended, filed suit against Ali and waited for the final verdict from Fox’s corporate suits. Though few expected him to return, his name was still listed as part of The Specialists, FNC’s 5pm offering.

After Fox curiously announced both Bolling’s termination and the cancellation of The Specialists (all traces of which have been removed, including its Twitter page) late Friday as Hurricane Irma dominated headlines, fans wondered what had transpired behind the scenes.

But no one could have predicted the horror that was to come just hours later, as son Chase was found dead.

Via Twitter, how was Ali first to report the younger Bolling’s tragic passing? At first, social media users questioned Ali’s update and whether it was indeed true. Two hours later, Fox News issued a short statement confirming the news.

Twitter followers angry over the turn of events have even threatened Ali, according to reports late Saturday.

While it isn’t yet clear how Chase died (at this time, there are conflicting reports), from a journalistic standpoint, it appears to be a case of a reporter overshadowing events and becoming part of the story itself.

It raises many new questions that absolutely demand answers.


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