In the name of pandering to political correctness, has Procter & Gamble managed to alienate almost everyone?

Since being unveiled this week, a new, race-based marketing campaign has baffled some and angered others. In “The Talk”, a two minute ad available on social media networks, a series of period-set scenes depict African-American mothers discussing racism with their children:

Whose vision of racial disparity is on display here, whites in the company’s marketing department?

In the 1970’s-era segment, for example, a boy’s mother sports an afro so large, it seems an unintentional parody of styles at that time.

Here’s reaction from Anthony Brian Logan, a self-described “black conservative” commentator:

Logan picks apart the peculiar nature of the advertising, particularly noting how fathers are almost entirely left out, as though they don’t exist. He feels P&G is shamelessly targeting the high rate of single mothers in the African-American community.

On YouTube, most viewers of “The Talk” have been been down-voting it and leaving angry comments.