Is activist Dana Loesch actively inciting violence against journalists?

That’s the claim made by the Associated Press, which says the NRA spokeswoman and organization itself are “resorting to language that some believe could incite violence”.

Though the AP’s story ran today, its focus is on an NRATV opinion segment that was actually released four months ago.

“Using the hashtags #counterresistance and #clenchedfistoftruth, the NRA has put out a series of videos that announce a ‘shot across the bow,’ and say the gun-rights group is ‘coming for you’ and that ‘elites … threaten our very survival,’ terms that suggest opponents are enemy combatants,” the AP’s Lisa Marie Pane reported.

Much of the rhetoric used in the clip, however, seems like fairly mundane language in today’s no-holds-barred political environment.

The story cites an “expert” who claims her video Op-Ed “means that violence is imminent”:

Kathleen Hall Jamieson, the director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania, said the tone and language is “overwrought rhetoric” that, viewed by the wrong person, could lead to violence. The kicker on one of the videos — “We’re coming for you” — is straight out of the movies, she said, and “that phrase means that violence is imminent and we will perpetrate it.”

Here’s the segment:

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