Is The View more political than CNN, MSNBC and Fox News combined?

Originally designed as a lighter, panel-driven chat-fest, in reality ABC’s morning offering has become hyper-partisan. Enjoying a captive audience stuck in medical waiting rooms and other semi-public places, it’s a perfect vehicle to deliver the latest talking points.

Without any seeming network concern about their strident rhetoric, co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar have become loose cannons, blurting out whatever comes to mind.

That was never more apparent than today, where one pegged the political target du jour with an unflattering (and probably offensive) new nickname.

With his colorful style and unique approach to the position, Anthony Scaramucci has so far generated mixed reviews from the chattering classes.

But The View is taking a darker approach, with Behar tagging him as “Il Muce”. It’s a play on Benito Mussolini, who was informally known as “Il Duce” (“the sweet one” or “the chief”).

Other than sharing Italian heritage, it’s unclear in what way Scaramucci resembles the World War II-era dictator.

In the clip below, note how Behar had to explain its meaning to other panelists, who didn’t understand the reference: