Has CNN learned anything at all from its recent doxxing scandal?

In a seeming repeat of the strong-arm tactics that led to nationwide disgust just last week, a CNN executive has threatened us with both legal action and our own doxxing.

Stated publicly via Twitter, the network vice-president makes clear what actions are likely should we refuse to retract a story published here Friday.

Calling “Caught red-handed? Web bug found in emails sent by embattled CNN reporter” “bogus”, this site and affiliated organization Media Equality Project have been under fire all weekend from CNN Vice President for Communications Matt Dornic.

In a series of aggressive tweets, Dornic (above image) attacked Project Co-Founder / Co-Chairperson Melanie Morgan, sending a series of ominous messages in full view of social media users.

“Keep it up. I hope you and your boss have good lawyers”, he wrote at one point.

Later, in what appeared to be another doxxing threat, he added, “Tell me more about who funds your site. Think I don’t know? Try me.”

When Morgan objected to his “bullying tactics” and wondered if the network as a whole approved of his tweets, Dornic replied, “I’m good. I think you should worry about you.”

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Below, view screenshots of some of the exchanges:

In 2015, Dornic was named to The Hill’s “50 Most Beautiful” list. And a 2011 interview with him can be found here.

With any further updates, we will update the story as needed.