Calling it an “ineligible purchase”, Twitter has blocked a proposed paid advertising campaign by the StopTheScalpings political organization.

The newly-formed group, co-founded by this writer and longtime broadcast host / political activist Melanie Morgan, had intended to call attention to its first public campaign, #StandWithSean.

Organized in response to recent instability inside the Fox News Channel and the sense that others would be fired in the wake of Bill O’Reilly’s termination, the organization believes conservative hosts are being targeted by well-funded political opponents.

In recent days, media speculation has focused on the fate of Sean Hannity, the network’s 10pm host, inspiring the group’s #StandWithSean effort.

When StopTheScalpings media relations representative Audrey Mullen attempted to make the ad purchase, it was blocked by the social media network with a message reading “Your account is ineligible to participate in the Twitter Ads program. Learn more about Twitter Ads eligibility.”

Here is the screenshot:


Mullen, a partner at AdvocacyInk, a Washington, DC-based PR firm, says that in her experience, the move is unusual in that some fairly extreme political efforts have passed Twitter’s tests. “I’ve never had a problem placing ads for clients before but, as we saw during the most recent election cycle, sometimes campaigns find weird roadblocks,” she said.

“Twitter defines the advertising content they find objectionable and what their advertiser eligibility benchmarks are. I don’t think @SScalpings is in violation of any their terms and I have reached out someone at Twitter’s DC office for help,” Mullen added.

We will update this post with any response from the company.


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