Bumping their exposé above updates on the Fort Lauderdale airport terror spree and other key stories, CNN has accused incoming Trump Administration appointee Monica Crowley of plagiarism.

Are they missing key considerations, however?

Through a comparison of passages from her 2012 book What The (Bleep) Just Happened, CNN found nearly identical text from a number of sources, including work by high-profile conservative figures, major websites and policy institutes.

Citing dozens of documented examples, CNN called particular attention to material seemingly lifted from the website of a podiatrist, which included outdated and possibly inaccurate information about government expenditures.

From their cited examples:


Crowley has been tapped by Trump for a National Security Council position. So far, it says, transition officials are standing by her.

Despite the smoking gun-nature of CNN’s investigation, it’s easy to wonder about the network’s motivations.

For one thing, the timing of the piece appears politically motivated, coming just days before the president-elect’s inauguration. And how does it warrant a mass breaking news email to all CNN subscribers, as occurred earlier?

As seen below, it was splashed across the screen in red, placed above Fort Lauderdale airport shooting spree coverage:


Finally, a major consideration was left unexplored by CNN: the book publishing industry’s widespread use of ghostwriters, especially common in releases by political personalities. Who really wrote this book? Crowley, or someone else?

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