Accusing media figures of picking sides during the 2016 presidential election, CNBC’s Rick Santelli found himself in a testy exchange during this morning’s Meet The Press.

With a panel that included moderator Chuck Todd, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell and others, the longtime commentator confronted them over public criticism about the media’s outsized role in the race.

“I never saw you so unhappy!” he exclaimed, pointing fingers directly at Todd and referring to seemingly long faces on election night.

“You picked sides, everybody picks sides,” Santelli added.

With that, Mitchell interjected: “That’s not true, Rick. Just not true.” Others agreed.

She then shifted focus back to allegations of Russian interference (or “hacking”) in the election itself: “What made this different is that the Russians weaponized it by transferring it through intermediaries to Wikileaks. They dumped it out. We [the United States government] do it and hold it.”

“People in charge of intelligence are politcal as well here,” he responded.

Santelli is best known for accidentally sparking the Tea Party movement after a 2009 rant from the CBOE trading floor in Chicago caught fire on social media.

From today’s Meet The Press:

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