With the American political landscape now turned upside-down, conventional wisdom has seemingly been flushed down the toilet, perhaps forever.

Our strange new world now has congressional Republicans ducking Fox News Channel appearances, according to Bill O’Reilly.

The reason? It appears to be part of an effort to avoid questions about Donald Trump. The president-elect and party leaders are at odds over the alleged role of Russia in last year’s elections and its overall espionage operations in the US.

During last night’s program, the longtime host noted that a number of GOP leaders who previously relished the opportunity to appear on Fox now choose rival cable news channels.

O’Reilly singled out Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC), who readily agreed to Fox segments in the past, but now won’t even return calls from his producers.

Instead, Graham visited CNN yesterday, discussing Russia on a network where hosts are unlikely to challenge the current administration’s contention that Putin’s regime directly intervenes in American electoral politics.

“Yesterday [Graham] ignored us completely and instead appeared on CNN,” O’Reilly told viewers.

“It’s all because of Donald Trump. Senator Graham doesn’t want to answer questions about him and therefore goes to the venues he believes he can control. We’ve seen this with a number of Republicans. Interesting phenomenon,” he added.

From last night’s O’Reilly Factor:

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