Imagine finding yourself in the middle of an airport shooting spree, bracing for the worst, only to have a complete stranger offer his life to save yours.

That’s exactly what Annika Dean says occurred during Friday’s Fort Lauderdale attack. While awaiting her baggage, the teacher and mother of two quickly fell to the floor but realized she was too close to the line of fire.

Out of nowhere, a man named Tony from Rochester, New York used his body to shield Dean from the gunfire, telling her, “I will protect you.”

Dean has since been in contact with the man, offering her gratitude for his selfless, courageous act of bravery.

As a public school teacher in Florida, she says she’s been through multiple active shooter drills and knew to get out of the way quickly once the terror incident unfolded. Due to the layout of the baggage claim area, however, Dean added that there really wasn’t anywhere to hide.

This morning, Dean appeared on both CNN and the Today Show:

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