Is it time for Geraldo Rivera to take a much-needed break from Twitter?

As the longtime Fox News Channel contributor tried to make yesterday’s San Bernardino terror attack about himself, a series of unusually narcissistic (even for him) and inaccurate tweets had followers howling.

To this unfortunate post, reaction was almost universally negative: “Horrified by #SanBernadinoShooting & saddened that I’m unable to guide my @77WABCradio audience thru this outrageous massacre. Miss me yet?”

Maybe his state of mind is to blame: last week, he was locked out of WABC Radio’s New York studios, fired from his daytime talk show after a change in management at troubled corporate parent Cumulus Broadcasting.

And he really did have a connection to last month’s terror massacre in Paris, as his own daughter was dangerously close to one of the shooting scenes.

For someone who feels the need to “guide” the public through these events, however, he sure seems to offer inaccurate information, blaming the NRA and wrongly assuming it wasn’t terror-related:

Geraldo SB shootings WABC

Geraldo SB -2

Geraldo Paris 3

Gerald SB 3


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Image: All Access