What do you think are the toughest assignments in television journalism? Afghanistan, the Middle East, or remote corners of the globe?

Just try following the Obamas to Hawaii! That’s the bizarre assertion of CNN’s Jim Acosta, who says that while occasionally fun, it “can be somewhat grueling.”

In a new promo clip, the network’s senior White House correspondent says the tropical Obama beat can be tricky as it might involve a live report at midnight, or because “he may go out biking with his daughters, he goes out for shaved ice.”

Is he trying to convince higher-ups the coverage is still worthwhile? Perhaps it’s an attempt to avoid budget cuts.

CNN Acosta following Obama to Hawaii can be somewhat grueling

As CNN notes, this will be the first family’s seventh multi-week trip to the Aloha State, resulting in traffic jams, closed beaches and millions in taxpayer expenditures.

CNN Obama Hawaii

Before they wise up and yank this clip, here it is:


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