What is it about CNN and its strange way of reporting on major world events?

In the past, it has taken heat for going overboard with plane crash coverage. Now, the news network is covering Islamic terrorism in ways that seem peculiar.

Is a B-list rapper a good source for perspective on global security concerns and public reaction? Or, a reporter’s secondhand account of the unverified observations of a self-described ISIS spy?

CNN has considered both credible and worthy of airtime over the past 24 hours. Trinidad James, a rap performer who was dropped by his record label last year, was featured in this segment on the Paris attacks and “how we respond to tragedy”:

And during his program last night, Anderson Cooper interviewed the Daily Beast’s Michael Weiss, who has written a multi-part series on the experiences of a man who claims to have been a spy inside ISIS. The man’s accounts seem to back Obama’s “JV squad” viewpoint.

It’s a fun read, yet nearly impossible to verify both the details and much of his background:

Either it’s becoming difficult to fill all of the airtime devoted to terrorism, or credibility is simply no longer a concern at CNN.


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