After a long and wild debate that has given pundits much to absorb and assess, one odd moment stands out: NBC’s John Harwood telling a flat-out lie about the intended length of the event.

Since the truth takes mere moments to uncover via the most basic Internet search, why would he scold Trump after the latter’s assertion he had reduced its length from three hours to two (it ultimately ran long, however)?

Occurring during the GOP frontrunner’s closing statement, it appeared to stun Trump when he realized Harwood seemed to intentionally deceive the audience in order to protect NBC.

Oddly, Politico left this important point out of its coverage.

Trump said of CNBC, “they lost a lot of money [by dropping the third hour]. Everybody said it couldn’t be done. And in about two minutes, I renegotiated it to two hours, so we can get the hell out of here.”

But Harwood interjected, saying, “Just for the record, the debate was always going to be two hours.”

Looking incredulous, Trump responded: “That’s not right. That’s absolutely not right.”

Here’s the clip:

But backing up Trump’s assertion is as easy as looking at this Huffington Post article from October 16:

Looks like Donald Trump is getting his way.

Trump and fellow Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson sent a letter to CNBC on Thursday threatening to not participate in the next GOP debate if it exceeded 120 minutes, including commercial breaks. In a tweet Thursday, Trump claimed CNBC had agreed to limit the debate to two hours.

Both Politico and CNN reported Trump’s claims were true, saying the Republican National Committee began calling campaigns Friday morning to inform them the debate would be restricted to 120 minutes.

The business mogul also took to Twitter to make his disdain for a long debate known.

Shouldn’t Harwood apologize?

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