Between a viewing public furious with its network and the need to avoid angering defiant corporate management, it was a tough day to be part of the Morning Joe crew.

At every turn, discussing the debate meant negotiating a minefield, but that didn’t stop a number of harshly critical remarks from slipping through, with worried looks following closely behind.

Two of these clips are still available on MSNBC’s website, but we doubt that will remain the case for long.

The most critical language has been scrubbed from its site and two segments uploaded to YouTube were blocked by NBC on copyright grounds earlier this afternoon. Scroll down to the third video below to see this while you can!

Were they living dangerously? If Joe or anyone else on the show suddenly disappears, there will be no mystery as to why.

“The black is for the CNBC moderators,” said Nicolle Wallace, in a segment that was supposed to focus on the “death” of Jeb Bush’s candidacy.

“Oh my God, Oh my God,” Scarborough responded:

Next, after applauding Chris Christie’s firm rejection of a question about fantasy football, which the candidate found trivial, Mika tried to stop Scarborough from attacking CNBC, without success (around 1:20 in this clip):

And in a clip that doesn’t currently appear at, Scarborough absolutely rips CNBC’s “gotcha” questions, accusing Harwood of trying to make the debate “about himself.”

“I’m sure I’ll get in trouble for saying this, but John Harwood opening up by making a clown reference to Donald Trump and then saying you have as much chance as flapping your wings and flying away,” Scarborough said.

“How much longer are we Republicans going to have to listen to debate moderators, whether they’re on Fox or on CNBC, which are supposed to be conservative outlets? It was just a terrible debate, one of the worst,” he added.

See it here:

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