Seeing their comments repeatedly deleted by CNN, Bernie Sanders supporters are hopping mad today.

Already feeling the news network’s coverage had become rabidly pro-Hillary in the aftermath of last night’s debate, Facebook users leaving reactions on CNN’s page are now continually re-posting them, knowing they will be quickly removed. There are hundreds in a seeming battle with the network, with no explanation as to why.

Some users and messages appear to be specifically targeted, especially those accusing CNN of having conflicts of interest that make it naturally inclined to back Hillary.

In particular, they’re citing last night’s initial Facebook poll data showing Bernie had won the debate handily. They are claiming the network is now burying that information in today’s coverage.

That clip from last night’s post-debate show is still on YouTube, uploaded to a GOP channel. Some Sanders backers are linking to this:

After reading their objections, we took screenshots earlier this afternoon, then returning to see many no longer present. It’s from a post linking to “Sanders stretched truth on VA record, some vets groups say”:

CNN anti-Sanders coverage

CNN deleting comments from Sanders supporters

CNN deleting Sanders supporters -2

When we checked back with the post later, some comments seen above were in fact missing, while others had been re-posted by supporters trying to stay one step ahead of the network.

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