Saying “it is time to fix a wrong” over the oft-cited “hug” between Governor Chris Christie and President Obama, Greta Van Susteren has issued an apology to the New Jersey Republican.

On her website this morning, the Fox News Channel said that after a review of the footage, “Christie merely extended his hand to President Obama and did not hug him.” She was apparently seeking to correct her own past descriptions of the event.

While it might seem odd to focus on the October 2012 incident now, it did come up during last week’s debate, when Senator Rand Paul recalled the embrace during a heated exchange with Christie. Van Susteren has been in the process of interviewing all of the presidential candidates willing to appear on her show and it was the governor’s turn.

She also addressed the issue during last night’s show and today asked viewers for their feedback.

Here’s the clip and some of today’s reaction:

Greta Christie Obama hug

How would you describe the interaction between Christie and Obama?

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