Apparently feeling he’s the victim of bad press, the Reverend Al Sharpton is setting up a new media criticism site, seeking to “flip the script” and the first damaged reputation he may be looking to save is that of his daughter, Dominique.

Called “The Shift Daily: the news source for today’s millennial activist“, the site isn’t quite finished or ready for public viewing, but the Media Equalizer was able to sneak a peek at its current content, shown further below.

Via Instagram, the National Action Network’s Rachel Noerd says that “for decades reporters & now bloggers have been writing about @real_sharpton & @nationalaction. Now NAN will flip the script & write about them. They say if you don’t define your reality, others will do it for you. It’s important to support community newspapers, blogs and media outlets that represent your needs & values.”

Sharpton himself tweeted a call for writers to participate in the new site via Twitter this morning. NAN’s own site has begun promoting it as well. It is just beginning to establish a Twitter and Facebook presence.

The Shift Daily SharptonWhat we uncovered in an area not yet intended for public viewing was a laudatory piece on Dominique Sharpton, the reverend’s 28-year-old daughter.

Recently in the news for her $5 million lawsuit against the city of New York, she claimed injuries suffered after a sidewalk fall led to “permanent” physical damage. But she faced widespread criticism after the New York Post dug up social media evidence of a decidedly-uninjured Dominique engaging in a number of active pursuits while globetrotting.

Under the banner of “Social Justice”, one story calls Dominique “a powerful youth advocate”. To the left, she appears to be contributing articles, as well:

The Shift Daily

To what extent the new site will be devoted to defending the Sharptons themselves isn’t yet clear. But there’s more to The Shift Daily than mere “media criticism”.

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