Despite the potential for more Ebola cases in the United States, the “progressive” left continues to maintain a “nothing to see here” approach that is just plain bizarre, if not outright dangerous.

Part of the problem is a terminal need to defend Obama at all costs, no matter how big the screw-up. At the moment, defending his Ebola inaction appears to be priority number one. And that means conservative hosts such as Laura Ingraham can find themselves quickly targeted for destruction after speaking out on the issue.

Though it’s difficult to completely accept her argument that “familial ties” to Africa have kept Obama from taking decisive action (we think he is merely lazy), her more general points don’t seem terribly extreme.

But Media Matters, CNN and others have seized upon her comments while accusing HER of politicizing the issue (aren’t you people doing the same thing?).

Via Media Matters, otherwise-unwatched CNN chatterheads lambaste Ingraham:

Sure, the public shouldn’t panic over Ebola, but the left’s continued insistence that this is a non-issue ranks as one of the weirdest stances they’ve ever taken. It’s clearly spreading, how can they deny that?