Another day, another disturbing turn for the worse in Britain and Europe.

Jewish leaders in the UK are crying foul after a major supermarket chain abruptly removed kosher items from one of its stores. A central London branch of Sainsbury’s PLC took the action, apparently with corporate approval, in order to appease an unruly mob of anti-Israel demonstrators.

Additionally, a Birmingham Tesco outlet was ransacked by protesters angry over the continued sale of Jewish foods (above photo, Daily Mail).

It’s astounding this news hasn’t yet reached America’s shores, but perhaps less so given attention so focused on Ferguson in recent days. How soon will similar actions occur here?

Luckily, a backlash is brewing, particularly in the British media where several publications have expressed outrage over the Sainsbury’s incident, including the Telegraph, Daily Mail and The Spectator.

The latter’s Douglas Murray called it the “anti-Semitic whiff of Weimar” and included this photo:

Sainsburys London removes Kosher items from shelves Colin Appleby

There is a whiff of Weimar in the air in Britain. Barely a week now passes without some further denigration caused by anti-Semitic, sorry, pro-Palestine demonstrators targeting businesses run by Jews/stores selling products produced by the Jewish state. You know, like Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Marks and Spencer, Starbucks and so on. Most of this fairly random targeting of whatever business sounds a bit Jewish goes unnoticed.

Sometimes protestors manage to get the business closed – as with the Ahava store in liberal, enlightened Brighton. Generally they just succeed in intimidating shoppers and making it easier for people to shop elsewhere in some non-Semitic store.

Sometimes the protestors, like this young man in Manchester, are open about their feelings and taunt any nearby Jews by telling them, for instance, how highly they think of Hitler (‘I love Hitler. I’m big on my boy Hitler’ says this nicely integrated young man):


But mainly they just try to persuade people that the Jews are in fact the Nazis, rather than the Nazis being the people who are, once again, trying to boycott Jewish businesses (including businesses which aren’t Jewish but are suspected of being, in some way sort of Jew-y).

I know, I know, they’re meant to only be objecting to goods produced in the West Bank. But somehow it always ends up with being any product at all from Israel and then – surprise, surprise – any product made for or by Jews.


Of course this wouldn’t happen to any other foodstuff. If, say, some BNP types decided to go into a supermarket and smash up the Halal food section because it was made by or for Muslims then airwaves would be full of people objecting, Jews most prominent among them. But it looks like the UK Jewish leadership is starting to go quiet. One week it’s a theatre refusing to host a Jewish film festival. The next it’s a supermarket refusing to stock Jewish food. No wonder a majority of British Jews polled for this week’s Jewish Chronicle said they could not see any Jewish future in Britain.

Murray’s correct- overt bigotry is socially acceptable as long as it’s coming from the “correct” groups. Watch for conditions to deteriorate further in coming days and weeks.

Somewhere, the Führer is surely pleased!