What is it about celebs who just can’t seem to think before they tweet? Are they surrounded by handlers who can’t say no?

One standout habitual offender: Cher. The actress / singer / whatever has a Roseanne Barr-like typing disorder that causes raw emotions to be put down on virtual paper. Just a few weeks ago, we reported on her unhinged smearing of Senator Rand Paul using slimy personal attacks.

Sadly, she’s back again, this time comparing SeaWorld’s treatment of animals with the Nazi concentration camp at Dachau:


She obviously hasn’t learned that minimizing Holocaust atrocities by associating them with unrelated current events is a bad idea. Why do some people insist upon throwing around this kind of language so casually?

Cher tweet BravoWhile it’s true that SeaWorld has been under fire recently over its treatment of marine life, the company has taken steps to rectify the situation. Last time we checked, there were no concentration camps in San Diego dedicated to slaughtering millions of living creatures, human or otherwise.

Cher may have found someone to take away the heartache, but the director of cool your jets position is still wide open.