As the world around us appears to come apart at the seams, it appears some sheltered Americans are less than willing to face this new reality. They’ll be dragged from their safety-bubble kicking and screaming.

And NOTHING sums up the silliness better than the outrage (!) earlier today over a Kate Upton segment interrupted by an ABC breaking news update. Apparently, unless missiles are imminently headed toward American cities, checking out Kate is more important.

Aren’t there several million pictures of her already splashed across that Internet thingy? We’ve added a couple more here just in case you hadn’t heard of her.

Here is the downright comical clip where Upton is so rudely interrupted by war drums:

At Warming Glow, see how Twitter erupted in a predictable uproar.

Upton Kate - Kelly and Michael ShowAs all of this will reach our doorstep at some point, enjoy living in this fantasy world while you can.

And be sure to see Idiocracy, the sadly prescient 2006 film that sums up exactly where we’re headed: