(Update: rocks thrown at msnbc crew, why not at other networks?)

On a night when one Fox reporter on the ground in Ferguson estimated media personnel were outnumbering protesters two-to-one, another at the network is blasting a rival channel for allegedly creating the conditions for this televised circus.

Appearing during Megyn Kelly’s primetime show, MediaBuzz host Howard Kurtz pounded away at rival msnbc for placing the officer involved in the original shooting and his family in grave physical danger.

Aside from that, if the cameras disappeared, would protesters stick around? Or are they simply performing for a nationwide audience?

As Breitbart reports (click to see clip):

“Some liberal outlets [are] creating almost a lynch mob mentality around this, the Huffington Post today, screaming banner headline ‘Arrest Him.’ Now, the Huffington Post, nor you or I, knows exactly what happened” he said. And “when you cross that line into becoming an advocate and to demanding that somebody be prosecuted before the facts are in, while the investigation is going on, you’re grandstanding, you’re trying to keep the story alive and I really think it’s troubling.”

Kurtz also criticized CNN for showing the house of accused officer Darren Wilson, stating, “It defies my understanding how you could put his life or the life of his family in danger by even briefly showing the house or naming the street.”

Beyond the debate over appropriate police response, we’re going to need a lengthy discussion about the media’s role in fanning the flames. It’s completely out of hand.