In Hollywood’s hyper-liberal environment, how long can one stick to principles before severe career damage results?

Mayim Bialik is discovering the hard way that continued support for Israel in the face of near-unanimous pro-Gaza/Hamas sentiment means losing industry standing and some of her fan base. But the Big Bang Theory actress says her loyalty to the cause comes first.

From Ynet news:

“Oh, Israel. What a month it’s been for you and me,” American actress Mayim Bialik wrote this week on her blog on the Kveller website.

The Jewish star of CBS’s “The Bing Bang Theory,” says she has lost a lot of fans in the past month because of her support for Israel, but that “it’s OK. I love you more than popularity, even when you make me crazy. And even though I don’t always agree with Israeli policy, I’m still a Zionist.”

Show of Support

In a post titled, “Why I wear my Jewish star,” Bialik wrote that following the Israeli operation in Gaza and what she had been through in the past month, she truly understood for the first time why Jews who previously hadn’t worn skullcaps started wearing them in the United States after the Yom Kippur War in 1973, “when Jews were being attacked simply for being.”

“In the middle of the conflicts in Israel and Gaza this month, and in the middle of the virulent attacks I was coming under on social media, I put on my Magen David – my Star of David necklace – and it strangely felt like putting on armor,” she wrote. “It felt like a statement. Gold armor around my neck: The way I show that I am Jewish and that I am not afraid to be so.”

Be careful out there, Mayim, the hate brigade can be nasty. But thanks for providing a rare example of independent thinking in Hollywood.