If this doesn’t work out, she’ll be perfect for a weekend slot on MSNBC.

What in the world were Montana Democrats thinking when they nominated Amanda Curtis? A newly-released video montage threatens to sink her candidacy before it begins.

In the GOP-sponsored, YouTube-published clip, the nose-ringed Curtis comes across as an absolute crackpot, mocking Second Amendment supporters, Christians, Obamacare critics and others, while referring to herself as an “anarchist” and then drinking a glass of champagne. The origin of the footage was not disclosed.

The 34-year-old state representative and teacher was chosen to replace disgraced Senator John Walsh, who backed out of the race after a major plagiarism scandal erupted earlier this summer.

See it here:

Washington Post and Politico size up her prospects here and here.

From WaPo:

Will Curtis have a chance of winning in November?

She has a chance, but not a good one. Democrats have probably put themselves in a better position than they would have been in with Walsh. But the reality is that Curtis is not a top-tier recruit. (More prominent Democrats such as former governor Brian Schweitzer declined to run in Walsh’s place.) She will have little time to introduce herself to the state. And Daines is expected to have a huge fundraising advantage. Montana is a conservative state — Republicans appeared to have the upper hand here even before and during the time Walsh was the nominee. Now, they are really in the driver’s seat.

Sadly, our Beltway friends are correct: she DOES have a chance. That’s because Montanans have a bizarre habit of electing Dems to the US Senate despite their supposedly conservative nature. If Curtis were to actually win, it will make the chamber even more of a farce than it already is.

But we wonder just how much money her party will be willing to spend in a year where there are many fires to put out across the country.